sign language – sign language

Sign language – A mysterious form of communication?

No, A distinct and visually perceptible language which is one particular of the deaf and / or hard-of-hearing people to communicate with each other.

Gebärdensprache – ZeichenspracheSign language consists of a combined sign (sign) are predominantly with the hands in combination with facial Expressions and mouth pictures and also the posture formed. Till today no one succeeded, however, it is still a clear-to write structured “manual” for outsiders. All of today’s Scriptures are, so far, only approaches. For scientific research, notation systems exist, however, such as the HamNoSys (Hamburg notation system); they work, for example, with the Separation of each gesture, hand shape, hand position, body Movement, etc., and each of the corresponding representation.

Of the sign language, the so-called “manual-visual coding systems” of the German language: The finger alphabet are distinguished, according to the accompanying sign language, according to the supporting sign language and sign supported communication language.

The Learning of a sign language for hearing people, for example, via community colleges, or sign language courses and the effort and scope with the Learning of a foreign language comparable to the language.

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