short-term care in the old home of the children for the Golden wedding gift!

Example for the networking of home and inpatient care

Greetsiel (Ostfriesland) – Reinhold T. from the municipality of snakes (in the district of Lippe in North Rhine-Westphalia) has cared for his wife for years at home. On the occasion of the Golden wedding of the married couple the children come upon an unusual idea: We give our parents a “Revitalizing care” in the North sea. The two make their way to the “most beautiful fishing village of Germany” to the old nursing home “Under the rainbow”. The Name fits in with the planned “gold flakes”. But not only the Name fits.

The romantic fishing village Greetsiel, the warmth of the nurses and orderlies, the soothing treatments and massages and, not least, the successful combination of care and support do the gold hochzeitern according to his own testimony. From a film-maker addressed, reported, Reinhold T.: “I take care of my wife at home. So I’m during the day clamped. And so I also get time to rest a little, from the bottom of my children have told me: now mom is in a nursing home for a time and then You can also get things wrong and do nothing, You can relax again a bit.“

Short-term care gives new drive for the nursing home.

Short-term care is a care insurance. Two-thirds of the patient to be cared for at home in Germany. To support this high level of maintenance readiness, the Federal government is currently planning for the relief of the care-giving family members an increase in the reimbursement for short-term care in the nursing home by the nursing care insurance funds. This is a good approach that shows the story above.

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A short-term care can be required if a single person needs after a hospital stay of further help, and not strong enough to take care of themselves. In addition, a follow-up treatment can be surgery or severe diseases, which is manageable only by trained nursing staff. Since the need for care is generally “exhausting”, it is also “normal” that people in need of care as family members are eventually exhausted. The need for care often increases in the short term. The specific support by trained professionals, embedded in the Ensemble of technical and spatial possibilities of a device is doing good – regardless of whether the family carer is on vacation in the vicinity of the nursing home, or home to rest. Both sides gain distance and can “refuel”.

The combination of the care Fund paid short-term care with a self-financed vacation for the family carers, it is used by more and more Concerned. For more information about the short-term care in a nursing home.

Revitalizing short-term care in Greetsiel.

The old people’s home “Under the rainbow” in Greetsiel goes further with its offer of a “Revitalizing care” a step further. The Central idea of the project is that help and care for people in need by connecting professional good care and Kneipp – therapy, including physician-assisted physiotherapeutic treatments, are in courage atmosphere during a short-term care stay powered and cared for. “As a result, the patient will experience a positive boost,” says Harald Steindorf, managing Director of stone village group home Manager in Greetsiel. The stated aim of the concerted action is that the pflegbdürftigen guests can be dismissed in spite of their impairments “healthier” home, as you came.

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“With this concept we have,” Steindorf explained, “in particular, in the case of a prolonged stay in General, good results. For both sides, it is according to our experience, is positive that the relatives during the short-term care stay in their Love of the grueling daily responsibilities are relieved.“ Roland T. said: “This is unusual. Most of the houses do not offer that. I can bring my wife here when I want to. I can go and my wife is here.“