Sexual violence on the Internet

Sexuelle Gewalt im Internet


A topic especially of interest to parents / legal representatives of children and young people – tonight from 18:00 in the Webradio “Skyfly”.

In the program “visual looks” speaks to the Sky-Dj Magical (Michael N.) topics, which would otherwise bring only hard on the lips, or everyone thinks differently. In a 120-minute-long broadcast of the Hobby-Moderator offers the listeners the possibility to with each other by Grußbox and phone LiveStream to share. “It is not uncommon to bounce different opinions on each other,” said Michael “are different perspective views, which we humans have in us,” he continued his sentence.

Today’s show deals with the topic of “Sexual violence on the Internet” – A subject which Mr. N. is as a chat room, the operator himself is very important. Often, he observed, how seemingly anonymous Chat user had responded to the younger Chatter with ambiguous statements and private dialogue asked. “In such situations do I respond quickly – This SexChatter get an immediate Kickban*, so that this is not the first or only hard to come can,” he assured us.

Together with the Team of NetKids ( presents Michael tips for the safe use of the Internet and the Chat, what day-to-day, approx. every second to third of Internet users prefer to power.

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Further information on the programme , as well as the Stream Links to listen in to find out The broadcast begins at 18:00 and goes until about 22:00 Switch – on is worth it, because you, too, join in the conversation!

*A Kickban a measure, for example to ban a user from a chat room, so that it is prevented from entering the Chat again. The IP is blocked temporarily-to address (un).