series, “insights in nursing”: The nursing management of a senior residence

Serie „Einblicke in die Pflege“:  Die Pflegedienstleitung einer SeniorenresidenzUnfortunately, I’ve neglected my series of “insights into the care of” a long time a little, but now the time has come to revive it. I have Monika Beck, head of nursing care (PDL) of the SENATOR’s residence for the elderly of Groß Flottbek, about Xing approached and asked for an Interview. And she was so nice and took, in spite of their busy schedule so that I can present you with a behind-the-Scenes.

Dear Ms. Beck, thank you that you answer some questions about your work as a nursing Director of a senior residence. You are already for some years in the care industry – as they came to a Job in this area?

My path was not always straight and I have a future-proof, variety, but also a demanding profession with continuing education opportunities, since I also work with the people, particularly the seniors a pleasure to work with and I get a lot of gratitude.

The statement that you “receive with gratitude”, I’ve heard more often from areas such as care for the elderly. Certainly, it is in the stressful life of maintaining a great feedback, if the senior citizens to flourish with them again “”, or? What makes working with seniors of all care levels?

I’m happy very when our seniors give me feedback, feel safe, and I get back a Smile. We work together in the care of the elderly, with a trained occupational therapists, which will give our residents a lot of heart heat. After a common Breakfast at home varied offers to be made in order to promote what is still in-cognitive skills. We put a lot of emphasis on movement with music to promote mental and physical mobility, and even have their own choir. All of the fourteen days we have a dance in the afternoon. Our members are always on and active.

We come to your current activity, the maintenance service of the SENATOR seniors residence Groß Flottbek in Hamburg. What are you responsible and what are the exciting and not so exciting tasks of your current Position?

My tasks as a nursing home Manager are very versatile and consist of the personnel planning and coordination. In addition, I am responsible for the personnel, recruitment of personnel, personnel requirements planning, to Staff training and development. In my jurisdiction, the creation of service plans and service instructions and service orders.

One of my other tasks as well as the analysis of documentation, Review of the standards of care, nursing visits, quality assurance and development in nursing. Furthermore, I am for proper, and economic operation by means of an efficient control.

In the group of “nursing professionals” in Xing, the members talk over the very strenuous life of PDLs, the Director of nursing. There is talk of 60-70 work must be hours per week, one permanent and Burnout in many of the care providers. You can share these experiences? How do you arrange the working hours in the retirement home?

I think this is a good organization and a well-structured time management is the Key. Sure there are days that everything is always running as it has provided for my planning. I use the Outlook calendar for my own planning and got me one to two hours for unscheduled tasks. Scheduled and detailed tasks, I try to put in the hours of the morning, since the concentration at this time is still the best.

I pay attention to adhere to my schedule and keep the reduced hours through effective, efficient organisation of work. Useful and motivating for the team of employees is to delegate tasks.

After the service at the end of it’s turn off is also particularly important. I have created an active and structured leisure time plan that I strictly adhered to with exceptions operational requirements. I am a member of “Freunde der Kunsthalle e. V.” and often take twice a week of lectures, openings say, I like to go to classical concerts, do sports, try to me a balanced diet and care of my social environment. I get such a good Balance in life, draw strength, Motivation for sustainable change in Job and a positive attitude to life. Only the one who draws new energy can also provide power.

When young people are faced with the choice of profession, would you ask whether you should opt for a career in the nursing/ health care – what would you advise them? And you would give the same advice to more Mature people looking for a new job?

It is important to find out what you’re interested in how the Motivation is and what the heart is beating. Those who opt for a career in the nursing/ health care, should bring a sense of responsibility. As in the professional area, a lot of movement to the body when Lifting,Carrying and Storing is necessary, physical capacity is an important prerequisite.

Positive I can mention the prospects, it is a profession with a great future, as the population is getting older, we need to be, accordingly, have a care of qualified professionals for the following years. There are many opportunities for advancement (e.g., residential area management, maintenance service management, device management) and promising career opportunities for motivated nurses.

One possibility for the determination of Suitability would be to plan before the start of the training, an internship of several weeks. At this point, I would like to mention that the willingness to communicate is an important criterion, since a close contact to the residents, family members and partners is required. This is the advice I’d improve both professional as well as Trainees.

You can look back on many years of experience in nursing. What characteristics should you possess otherwise, necessarily, to have fun on the Job?

Physical as well as mental properties, and a high degree of social competence and empathy, but also the joy of working with the elderly. In the profession you are confronted with severe disease, and death, therefore, a mental burden is very important. Among other things, you should bring a sense of responsibility in the profession, in dealing with the treatment, care, interest in disease and medication teaching. The care is a constant process of change, therefore, the willingness and interest in continuing professional development is necessary.

Since, in the occupation layer services are required and in the case of staff shortages, the willingness to “Jump in”, there must be flexibility is a prerequisite.

Also, I would say that you should bring attributes such as hard work, determination, and consistency to goals, but also the willingness of new ways and new things to implement. Is of the utmost importance to his interest and enthusiasm for the profession, dedication and especially with the heart.

We will to the short-circuit political: What is your opinion on the current Situation in care? What has changed in the last few years, and what would have to change in the future? Where there are weaknesses and what has improved?

In recent years, as well as the administrative tasks, as well as the entire documentation system have changed decisively.

The heavy physical demands of the work, among other things, the time pressure in view of the variety of growing tasks, and also mention to the awareness of the cost are increased. The whole effect on the quality of care, because the patient, people need an individual,humane, and loving care.

For the future, would have to change the mandatory conditions in the care, i.e. better wages and working conditions and the qualifications of staff.

The change in the work hours, i.e. Shift work without breaks, resulting in high Sick absence, overburdened by a lack of personnel, need to be reconsidered.

The compatibility of family and career must be facilitated. Another important aspect is the customer orientation is because the resident’s clientele has changed in recent years. At this point, I would also like to mention the demographic development and the demand for care increases in the coming years.

Dear Ms. Beck, thank you for all the answers. I wish you all the best in your private and professional way.

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