seniors travel – helpful tips from HUMANIS

Seniors travel – helpful tips from HUMANIS

Summer time is travel time. But not for seniors. The retirement age is reached, begins the year of wanderlust. The Generation of 66 plus draws, it is becoming increasingly beyond the borders of Europe. However, other continents will be travelled to, you should consider a few things.

Active holiday instead of vacation

The classic image shows the elderly at resorts, in the black forest or on the North sea. But times are changing. Around 40% of Germans feel the desire to take a trip around the world, 15% would like to, even in the Hippy-style, in a caravan for Europe to cross. The Budget for the trip per head has risen in the last few years. (Source: This is due to the fact that today you can travel in luxury. A few intermediate stops, shorter travel time, more convenient-developed aircraft and ships, and high-quality Service of the tour operator Discover the world grow.

Before the trip, the health check list to go through

But to discover, in spite of the desire for adventure, new cultures and the treasures of the world, must remain in the health state is always in the back of the head. The body is more vulnerable and not as flexible as in younger years. Therefore, it is also true here, before the voyage, by the physician, especially if regular medication should be taken.

Important vaccinations refresh

However, not only the drugs are important. Also, the vaccination status. For one, it is for certain countries important to have special vaccinations, but vaccinations such as Tetanus, and others should be up to date. To do this, you should allow 6 weeks prior to the start of the trip, once again, the vaccination status from the house doctor. Whether for the travel country specific vaccinations are recommended, one learns at the tropical Institute in person or here:

Entrainment of drugs

If regelmäßgi medication-especially painkillers-could be created at the port of entry in specific countries, problems of entrainment. If this is so, you can learn with the country’s Embassy. It is also a medical certificate to carry, what resources need to be permanently in the quantity taken. Particularly in the case of certain painkillers more stringent requirements apply in other countries. Also, the Federal Foreign office can be an important source of information, should take place outside of Europe.

Time shift and medication

Depending on the Width of the travel you have to adjust to time shifts and taking times to adjust accordingly. Adriano Pierobon from the nationwide Pflegdienst HUMANIS emphasized: “special attention should be paid to duration of the disease, such as Diabetes. Because, depending on the activity, traveling is often more carbohydrates are consumed, and it can lead to hypoglycemia. It is important in the Insulin of activity in the holiday to align with and to talk with the doctor*in. This also applies to blood-sugar-lowering tablets.“

Accessibility at the resort

For physically impaired persons, and wheelchair ramps and elevators are vital, so that you can move easily. Here, it is important to inform the tour operator and the airline, and to specify what help is needed. There are forms which should be submitted.

Climate change in mind

Depending on your Region rise, or temperature fall. Therefore Drink is not particularly important, even if the feeling of thirst is present. Also important is the sun – and mosquito protection. Certain medications that must be taken, do not get along well with a lot of sun or extremely cold temperatures and can cause side effects on the skin. This, too, please clarify in advance with the doctor.

On the safe side

In principle, is to consider whether there is a foreign travel health insurance should be completed. Often only guaranteed in case of an emergency abroad, a comprehensive protection.

All the measures are taken, it can stand the trip. In this sense, we wish from them by the HUMANIS Team a relaxing holiday!

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by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General