seniors fear rising health-care costs in the private health insurance company

Senioren fürchten steigende Gesundheitskosten in der privaten KrankenversicherungMembers of private health insurance companies need to be prepared to have to in the next few years, significantly higher contributions to pay. This is, in particular, meet older Insured hard.

Premium increases for existing customers

In these weeks, the private health insurance companies, like every year, messages to your Insured, in which you inform them about the send will fail, as the contributions in the coming year. According to the results of a recently published survey of renowned private give health insurers that the contributions would not increase in 2013, to an unusual extent. AXA plans, for example, only an increase in the contributions by 3.0 percent, the Hanse Merkur, the contributions in section 2.6 percent increase, and the AXA even only 2.0 percent. However, it must be taken into account in these figures, these average values can, in individual cases, be significantly exceeded. This is because the calculation of this value all the contributions have to be factored in, which will come in the coming year, no increase. Experts expect that especially the older the Insured will be asked to a greater extent to the Fund, Spiegel Online speaks of a “contribution shock”.

This increase is against the Background that in the earlier years formed age provisions are no longer sufficient in today. The most dramatic development in the case of the closed-in Tariffs will be, the new customers will not even be offered. Here it comes, inevitably, to the Situation that the insured members are getting older, and therefore higher costs for the treatment of diseases cause. In General, the age provisions are not sufficient, these increases to compensate, so that there will be massive increases in premiums. Already, more than 150,000 are no longer privately Insured, able to give the high premiums for their private health insurance. Your contracts will then be asked by the cashier dormant, so that only the cost for strictly necessary emergency will be paid for treatments. A possibility of the intercept rising costs, is to switch to a different Tariff. However, this is not the Golden way, because many people fear a worse treatment in the standard tariff.

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Premium increases for new customers

To an even greater extent, the contribution increase will, however, cover all those who want to change in the next year from the statutory to a private health insurance. The increase of the insurance contribution depends not only on the chosen Fund, but also from the Collective. In a survey, the best-known private health insurance companies were asked for the Tariffs, with the largest contribution of jumps for new customers. The increases in the contributions of over 20 percent. So AXA gave, for example, that your plan Vision1-4500 for new insurance customers is to be rich in order 41,65% more expensive. The Munich-based club will ask for the Collective Royal 891 after all, 34,64 percent more.

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