self-do something Good

Sich selbst etwas Gutes tunThe good man thinks of himself last, is it freely after Friedrich Schiller. However, this should not be a reason to treat yourself to non-self-starting and Good. A day of pampering in your own four walls without much effort and at a low cost. Relaxation and Wellness for body and soul are not fixed on a resort or a Spa Hotel. To pamper yourself for a while, without having to the familiar environment, bring a new experience, which is soon to be a fixed Ritual in the stresses of everyday life.

Right atmosphere

Planning is the Basis for a successful Spa day. Are really no dates that could detract from the pleasure? Can stay the child with the grandparents? Only those who understand it, to create an atmosphere of outer and inner peace, you can really relax. The next step of the planning is to transform the apartment into a private Wellness oasis. If the light in the bathroom will appear too bright, is often sufficient, a cloth that is hung over the lamp. With tea lights, which are draped on the edge of the bath, is achieved a similar effect, which is enhanced by the appropriate musical background.

Sich selbst etwas Gutes tunVarious essences, which everyone can choose according to his taste and his needs, provide for well-being. Invigorating bath products and soothing massage oils to help to let the soul dangle. And since body and soul are known to be held by the (good) food, belong to a Spa-day culinary delights. This is not to say, to put pressure on themselves and on this special day to the stove. A fine food supplier in the vicinity provides the desired pleasures of the palate.

Water replenishing supplies

Whether before, during or after the bath, small morsels to be eaten is irrelevant. Only the Drink should not be forgotten. For the Wellness of the inside of alcohol are recommend free Cocktails or water. A face mask and a body scrub are other measures of a conscious body care. Masks and scrubs need not be expensive. Inexpensive recipes to try out there is to make in many variations. A deep conditioner is also part of the personal Wellness day. Those lucky enough to have a Partner, or a partner, will leave the day with a relaxing Massage.

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