Secret Story 6 then ?

He goes on to say that I will not make the apology of such a program that is Secret Story 6. For the good and simple reason that I thought it was the teenagers and the housewife under 50 years of age who watched this show and to my surprise, or my dismay, I realize that the patients in my service look also.

In the service, there is a small dining room with television for those who want to, thus escaping the loneliness of their room. This evening, I sat a little with them, enjoying a bit of a break between two tours, and speaking with those present (4 in total). The television market, the advertising swim on the screen, each about the past.

Secret Story 6 !

The moment comes where Secret Story 6 begins. There, I said to myself,” damn, we left TF1” . And now my dear patients begin to talk about the issue and then another patient arrives, he is challenged by another patient that is already installed and tells him word for word what happened last night !

“Mr. G ! You want to know the best ? This is the blonde from Virginia who is nominated because she is rocking the boyfriend as to why she had the map of immunity (or other bullshit like that) and that she wanted to save her husband, Kevin, doing that everyone your against him and thus she would have drawn his card for the save ! “

(…) Ok. Word for word, the little lady who was the age of my mom knows perfectly well Secret Story , and I admit to watching it each evening. It is where the time when the patients looked at yet “Question for a champion ” ?

Then some people will say that we got to see people locked up in a cage and look at to pass the time of hospitalization, it may be well… Moui, after all we are caregivers, we look at the people locked up in our cage white for a few weeks, so is there a big difference ?