Safe Cycling in the Winter

Slippery Leaves, snow, ice and early darkness – A horror for any car – and Bicycle riders: For many cyclists, Biking in the winter months is the true balancing act. The care blogger has a few tips on how to come back in the cold and dark times of the year safely from a to b and back again:

  • A perfect fit, helmet with Reflectors, heard even in Winter, to the standard equipment. With a “helmet hat” remains the head, even warm.
  • Front and rear brakes should be checked regularly.
  • Who is not in the dark stand , with a built-in scar Dynamo better move. The side runner power generators are suitable for snow, mud and Foliage rather poor, since these are often broken or dirt to accumulate, and the impeller or the power generation may stop.
  • With the additional light will be seen better and can see better.
  • Flashy clothes with Reflectors also contribute to better “seen”.
  • Shoes with profile soles reduce slipping of the pedals.
  • A slightly lower saddle helps better with the legs to intercept.
  • A good tyre profile and a slightly lowered tire pressure to increase traction.
  • Bike trails are not or poorly cleared, allowed bike riders to Dodge on the road.
  • A more careful and prudent driving style proves to be vital. Cyclists should only draw doses and prefer to a bit slower around the corners whizzing by.
  • The transportation of children should be best avoided. Also, if it’s not your own! It can very quickly lead to life-threatening injuries to the small wards..!

Also, who takes all the tips to heart, compared to the summer months, the risk of an accident remains in the cold Season is significantly higher than “normal”. Who has, due to weather and road concerns, should push his bike or go to the same home. In addition, it should also be on the clothes taken care of. Men sometimes tend to not too thick to wear. You should, however, prefer to stick with this year’s Winter. So with just a normal mens sweater it is not done. Should be a winter jacket.