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Like a few days ago promised, Sören started a new internship. This time we went to Mannheim in the publisher’s academic consortium. What has he seen there? Read it for yourself!

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As I crawled on Thursday afternoon from my box, smiled at me, four eyes: Maike and Doro had expected me already. You work in the “academic Arbeitsgemeinschaft publisher” in Mannheim, Germany in the editorial office of tax law, and I can help you as an Intern, to write information for Caregivers and people in need of care. This is something completely New for me, and I’m very excited to see how your work looks!

Tour of the Department

Sören schnuppert VerlagsluftHowever, I had a cold me on my journey. So I rested the Rest of the Afternoon and I started my internship on Friday. Doro had me knit on Thursday night, even a warm scarf and a hat:


Sören schnuppert VerlagsluftOn Friday, we went for the first time a Cup of coffee and walked up to the two to the office (which they share) and planned the day. I learned: Maike is for the responsible, Doro, all the data needed for the publication and sale are available. The image on the book cover, text and product descriptions, and yet much more work. I also met a couple of colleagues and the chief of the Department, and Hannah, who is now sitting here in the office. She is studying at the University of cooperative education, and must learn… just like me.

My first Research job

Sören schnuppert VerlagsluftFirst of all, Doro showed me what texts there are, then, and I was able to write with Maike a Text about how people take care of a elderly relative, that can make in the tax return. Thus, you will have to pay less tax, she explained to me, and be financially relieved a bit. We researched together, and I learned a whole lot and made a lot of notes:

  • when you take care of a family member, there are for the tax Declaration of the care-lump sum
  • the standard amount you get but only under certain conditions, you must maintain as a family member or a related Person, the cared Person has to be helpless, you have to care for the helpless, personally, at home or in the premises of the patient and you may get no payment
  • Relatives are siblings, for example, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, aunt and uncle, niece and nephew, son-in-law and daughter-in-law, stepmother and stepfather
  • what is “helplessness”, is determined by the income tax act: Helpless a Person is, “if you have need for a series of frequent and regularly recurring tasks for the backup of your personal existence, at the end of each day foreign aid all the time.”
  • you must perform the care in their own home or in that of the Helpless, which can be a room in an old people’s home
  • on the subject of “no pay” I’m going to have to deal with the care of money from the statutory or private long-term care insurance
  • you don’t need to use the standard amount, but may also specify more, but this seems to be a bit of a worry

Sören schnuppert VerlagsluftI realized: This is pretty complicated! As you would not have to do with care enough already! I took me to be in the article are particularly neat.

Then we were finally lunch break, my stomach growled even violently. Since the publisher is no canteen, we met up with some colleagues in the common room. Most of them had brought something to eat from home, a couple of people had ordered Pizza or kebab. Bianca let me in to your kebab platter eat it, because I had forgotten before I left, unfortunately, to pack my lunch box in my box…

Sören schnuppert VerlagsluftAfter the break, we wrote the Text and recorded it to the Computer with a special program. Here you can see what this looked like:

Doro showed me how the Text comes to the website, where anyone for free can read. If you click here, you can see him! I am totally proud of!!

Let’s see who still works here so…

Then we went to Jenny, who works in Marketing, and told her that we would like to publish my Text in the next E-Mail Newsletter. You told us which book we can apply to it – for people who need more information. To me, you gave such a book. The Newsletter Maike, and sent he writes of Andreas. I said also “Hello”.

Sören schnuppert VerlagsluftSo after I had finished my work, I was able to look around me a bit in the house and the other departments visit: In the Software development is programmed to make Software for the tax return; the portal management takes care of the website; in the manufacture of all the threads come together, and all the data will be made ready for printing or CD-pressing plants. Niki and Peter have explained it to me exactly. On the picture you see me with a ruler that can be used, for example, font sizes, and spacing control.

Sören schnuppert VerlagsluftThen I trotted to the customer service. There, people call in and ask questions about the products and to give orders. Jutta has given me a free job and me a bar of chocolate as a gift – because in this work you sometimes need good nerves and therefore also food for the Nerves! In the order of service finally, all the orders will be processed then.

But I’ve then only the chocolate taken, and went back to Maike and Doro into the room. Because it had been a long and tiring day. Since I wanted to eat just a little and then sleep a lot!