Sören at the children’s care network e. V.

The child care network had a visit from Sören. He has lt. his report experienced a lot and such things, what “can mean to care for” all. I am glad that Soren well, and, above all, that it was good ? To the “internship report” by Sören here it goes: “The child care network had a visitor”.

A brief explanation or disclosure on my part: The white sheep, Sörens new girlfriend, Lotte. Lotte had shown Sören during his visit to the hospice, everything. She was there as a supervisor and “watcher”, so that the dying persons make their way to the Afterlife alone have to go… The staff in a hospice is much to do and it is about every helping Hand paw grateful..! Even if it didn’t work out with the report from the hospice, as time often works the genes, I would like to thank still very much for the participation, as well as for the nice accompaniment for Sören!

The next trip will be to outpatient music therapy “music on wheels”, where Sören “generation meetings” with children and seniors ?will participate

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