Sören as a music therapist (2/2)

The Report

My mentor, Simone is part of Willing to the rare species of music therapists (from the loving and sensitive nature, there are only about 3000 in the whole of Germany) and the Neurological music therapist rarer (of which there are only 1300 worldwide.

Music therapists use music as a means of expression and communication that appeals directly to the emotions of a people. In contrast to other disciplines, music therapy allows a space for sensations, resonance, and encounter, is also available to patients who do not, no longer or only partially verbal channels of communication are yet to reach.

Various parameters of music (rhythm, meter, pitch, etc.) to stimulate and link different areas of the brain. Listening to music activates and uses different areas of the brain at the same time – as well as active Music-making.

Music demonstrably activates the emotional centres in the brain and is a trigger for neuronal reorganization processes.

In the field of tension between functionality and emotionality of the opportunity of music therapy, flexibly and individually to the current Needs of patients, I’ve learned. This is also reflected in the structure of the “music on wheels” (a franchise concept).

Emerged from a diploma thesis in Münster, Germany has adapted the company to the market of outpatient music therapy and the necessity of interdisciplinary cooperation and continues to grow steadily since 2003. “Music on wheels” works nationwide. Currently, 20 Music therapists in 14 cities on the way. The offer extends to music therapy with old people to music therapy with children and for special diseases. Over 15 different treatment approaches.

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“We bring music into the house” – under this Motto, the music brings “on wheels” ( music to old, sick and disabled people in home and in institutions, in order to improve the quality of life for you and everyday Care. Music on wheels is committed, both for patients as well as for carers and care workers to be enriching and help bring the end of the Supplement. In the music-therapeutic work, we focus on individual needs and Desires. In a creative way, we try to achieve with music, the deeper layers of the personality as it is often with words.

Have you found me yet? I’m sitting on the roof of the car of my mentor, so, strapped I’m already there. We bring music into the house. Let’s go.

In the morning we travel in a nursing home and a rehabilitation facility. Simone has ill four individual therapies with neurological patients and with dementia. As a trusted sheep I have signed a confidentiality statement and can tell you about the content of the therapies at this point, of course, nothing…so, please do not disturb, says Sören .

So much can be revealed: I was impressed with how fast and easy contact with musical means can be used to produce, and how music can help to support other from the brain to control functions.

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I was excited then, when we finally started the nursery treasure chest to Hörbach (www.schatzkiste-hö Simone said that was normal. At the Meeting of the children with the seniors from the “house of life” ( could you make only rarely, who was more nervous-the children or the old people. All are looking forward to the encounter. Last children and senior citizens have visited together, a mill, a grain of made ground, and cereal. (“It rattles the mill on the noisy stream”, I know).

In the “treasure chest” are the child and educator Susanne Gellrich just going to cover the tables and to distribute heart cake on the plate (see photo, yummy). Today, on Valentine’s day, it’s all about the love and the friendship between the Young and the Old, because the project has now been in force for two years.

Finally, the senior citizens come, the Bus is leaving!

As all have found a place, there is the well-known welcome song: “Welcome to the music, glad You’re here”. I can sit at Simone on the accordion and does not need to see that I fall down.

After the coffee social circle all come together in the big chair. “And who was born in January”….all together to sing and dance. I can sit in the middle and watch how much fun the children and the seniors in the joint. As a matter of course, Gideon reaches for the Hand of “Mary”, as the old lady next to him imagines that he is dancing now.

The children have painted the heart and described.

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We are already friends! “True friendship will not falter,” recalls an old lady on the well-known folk song.”Love is a kiss,“ exclaims Johanna.“ Love goes through the stomach“ white, Mrs. Schmidt.“Yes, if it tastes really good,“ adds Joline.

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