Rush: it’s A vicious circle, in the age!

Especially in the Winter when there is snow and ice, many elderly people dare not out of the house, for the simple reason: they are afraid of the fall, in the one to slip, for example, or stumbles. A third of 65 years falls at least once in a year in which a vicious circle can start:

Out of fear of a further Plunge to move to the particular older people even less than before. The dangers of this (if it moves too little), there are no longer stiffen in the reduction of muscle mass, joints, Tendons and ligaments are in motion and shorten. Painful movements to accumulate more and more.

A certain risk of falling is well always, however, one can a little bit of prevention:Especially when walking, the body makes in joints, a liquid, in a similar way to Oil a bike chain, so that the joints are continuously well lubricated and functioning. The start-up pain in osteoarthritis. If you move more, no longer, or only you will notice weakened, the pain almost even, thanks to the synovial fluid.

Everyone should have the courage to continue to go out and move. 60 minutes of exercise per week are a excellent fall prevention. The body will be trained, and the musculoskeletal system stable. Sure, you should do in the Winter, there was no exercise in front of the door, but you must not: range of motion exercises and some Gymnastics in the warm living room are just as effective and can have a Cup of tea even more beneficial! Also sports and gymnastics clubs offer weekly muscle – and balance training. The advantage of this is, among other things, that one comes of age in society. No matter whether young or old people. In the 21st century. Century you have to be open to new things? ?

Regular exercise (even if it is only a slightly longer shopping trip) not only keeps the body fit, it will be even distributed happiness hormones, which work perfectly against the winter depression..!

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