robot as a therapist for autistic children

Humanoid robots are to be, provided that the pilot projects be successfully used as a “therapist” in autistic children. Among other things, the reason cited was that robots spend less complex and, for children, complicated facial expressions. This had less to decipher and harder to.

Autism is a of of the WHO as a pervasive developmental disorder classified. Autism is a difficult, incurable perception and information – processing disorder of the brain.

Previously looked after children talk to lt. Researchers of the EU project Iromec very quickly to the movements and designs of the robot. Whether drumming on a small drum, to the children or playing songs. What parents are for years failed to obtain robot is the amazing success. The reasons why autistic children are distancing themselves from the actual environment to be able to usually are facial expressions and Sounds which are affected is very difficult to be interpreted. So, it turned out quickly that these robots should not act all too human and may. Otherwise, you get exactly the opposite of such behavioral therapies.

Due to the fact that the robot is a man run up to the same everyday movements, such as, for example, but not a human appearance, induce the children to imitate the respective Facial expression. So children would learn to link facial expressions of other people with the movements of the electronic helpers and can process it easier and decrypt.

What works for children, it was thought, would also have to work with the elderly. Often lonely seniors, in spite of society. Reasons for different insulations through diseases, physical as well as psychological reasons. It was invented in Japan, the happy-maker-robot Paro in the Form of a seal. You Peeps and flashes, has big eyes and is cuddly have soft fur…