Rivalry of the care (of own role)

Either you have understood the title, or not. Even me I wonder if I have well understood. In fact, what I want to tell here, it is this rivalry that may have of nurses and nursing aides- among them concerning some care.

This stems from an observation made on Sunday at work, started from a simple discussion ended in a shouting match (friendly) between the nurse and the healthcare assistant, let’s add the passage to the ASH, who will not say anything because do not feel any more as this concerned in their ” flaws “.

Rivalry on the bells ?

The starting point comes from the fact that at one time the care assistant said that some don’t help necessarily, even outside of their professional context, for example we don’t see often, a nurse removed a tray or even helped a patient to take him to the toilet. On the plateau, I laugh, on the move, I laugh less. Because frankly, it is obvious that a nurse is not manchote and very well may help on this point. It will add the magic phrase that you have probably all heard of it, and not tell me the contrary : “Yes, but when there’s a doorbell, it is always we who are going there and you ever so more than half the time, patients are ringing for you” .

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It is fatal to this sentence anyway. Because a, it meets us also in the bells ! This is true unless you, it shouldn’t hide (in any case in our department). But the fact that is, it responds to doorbells and we do not let a doorbell for 10 minutes hoping that the damn health care aide going to go there. Anyway, even if it was 50-50, this collective idea of “we are responding to the bells, not you ” will remain well-anchored. In addition, when people respond, half the time, the patient asks the care assistant. So it is 50-50 also on the nature of the request.

Where it has hurt my colleague, a nurse and a bit ‘me too’ in my esteem, is that it responds to doorbells. Perhaps more than other nurses , but the fact is that it is up to us that we said this and that one has not necessarily accepted the thing. This is true, why take a blower so that it’s done ? Why (even we) do not say things clearly to the people doing the small worries of this kind, but to those who are doing a good job ? Ease, replying, no problem ? It is all a question of word after…

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The worst was then that my colleague, a nurse had the misfortune to find it as an example to the nurses indicating that this might be the same thing on a drain from one pocket to the colostomy is where some of the orderlies empty the pockets and not others. At the outset the argument of “it is not our role ” is quickly abandoned as if, the emptying of a pocket is the proper role of a care assistant. It is a little dépatouillé as she could but finally took it as the note for it and is pushed to anger. Yet, a good two colleagues have released their example of how generalized and not individualized, harm.

Then you don’t have to worry, there is still not hold a grudge to the hospital and soon found himself laughing (after 5 minutes of boudage each of its side). Me in the middle of the girls, I still tried to defuse the bomb.

But as I told them, anyway, even if it was 50-50, preconceived ideas about the IDE does not respond to doorbells or on the AS not emptying the pockets will remain anchored. Where I talk about my service, because I suspect that on the 400,000 nurses in France, all do not respond systematically to the bells, and leave the care assistant is responsible.

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So even if after all to each his role mutual assistance between colleagues has never done wrong, so think about it from time to time.