resistance against the austerity package!

In many media, The new austerity package of the black-yellow Federal government, reported:!

The austerity package agreed and specified deletions of the parental allowance for a resin-VI receiver will have far-reaching consequences for Single mothers and fathers. It is not to be overlooked just hard to believe that the said package of Austerity our government is not a balanced just social, as it always has (by many parties) is denied.

The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic and social Federal state.

This I did not make this up just so, but it is also in our Constitution: article 20, paragraph 1G.

Of strokes and cuts, families are threatened, education sites, the contribution of free Kita-year, self-help groups and contact points, counselling centres for drug Addictions, counselling centres “women and work”, women’s houses, women’s consultation and emergency calls, help for ex-convicts, the country of the blind money, meeting places and advice centres for the mentally Ill, aid to refugees, migration, social work, girls ‘ clubs, prevention work for the protection from sexual abuse and much much more..

The action Alliance social* (SH) calls for mass demonstration on Thursday the 17. June in front of the Landtag in Kiel from 8:00 PM on:

We want to show the members, about whom you decide. Because it is not about Numbers but about people.

*The action Alliance social a merger of the welfare associations, the trade Union ver.di and many works councils and employee representatives. The Alliance advocates for the protection of the offers of help. Many people are in need of in the course of your life on social assistance. Advice and support for families, for addiction sick people, people with mental health problems, for refugees and for many other people in Need of the foundations of our state. They help in crises, to strengthen the self-help and promote have the social part. These services are threatened by cuts. Many jobs are at risk!

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Source: A poster of the action Alliance social