Recruitment doctor: how to find its position ?

This is a problem for a few years in France. Some sectors have too many doctors while others are sorely lacking. To combat this, some actors are mobilizing.

France, a medical desert ?

Force is to note, we are not all equal in the face of the medicine. If you live in Paris, Marseille or Strasbourg, you have plethora of choice as to the doctors at your disposal, whether they are generalists or specialists. But right in the centre of the Creuse or the Correze, if you can find a doctor, one can sometimes assume that you are lucky. What is the cause ? Only one answer: the recruitment of doctors.

In addition to the distribution between the different medical specialties (which may lower the rate of doctors general practitioners per 1000 inhabitants), one of the problems in France is linked to a poor geographic distribution of which the immediate result is the desertification of some parts of a point of view of health, but also for everything related to small businesses and public administrations (schools or positions, for example).

A true public health issue that has, as stated in the Huffington Post, political consequences. Of the administered disgruntled physicians who are not successors, of the local elected officials who see their territory is depopulating because of a lack of services or their inaccessibility.

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How does the recruitment of doctors ? Simply. You are a graduate and you decide whether you install to Lille and Limoges… Why ? Because you are a native of the region, because in this area, the customer base is large, because you want to live in a place where the services are plentiful, rather than in a village where the purchase of a loaf of bread can prove to be a real headache.

One of the solutions, this is the Internet… and especially on this site. P&P Board functions as a platform of job offers, but only with respect to the medical professions. This site allows to avoid the medical deserts.

Provide information to the medical professions

The recruitment of doctors is just as problematic as the other professions. Like all employees, it is necessary to know how to create links between the supply and the demand for thinning the market – and thus avoiding that some areas are devoid of any access to health care. A challenge that tries to take on P & P in providing health care facilities to publish their offers.

There is, therefore, proposed two spaces : one for the customers, the other for the candidates to enable, as it should be, the encounter between the two. You will find all of the available posts, anesthesia-resuscitation in ophthalmology, through the respirology and geriatrics, not to mention the nurses and general practitioners.

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Recrutement médecin : comment trouver son poste ?

For the candidates, you can easily drop off your RESUME. For recruiters, saving time and above all a serious process to find the best skills. It is noted that the site is in three languages : French, English and Romanian in order to broaden the recruitment of doctors at a european level. To talk numbers, P & P is 5000 candidates across Europe and 45 French healthcare establishments.

Easy to use, clear and educational, the website of P & P is of course more than just a website. It’s clearly a platform of public interest because let’s say bluntly, health care is a human right for each and every one. To combat desertification, medical by offering a tool that can benefit everyone, maybe this is what the web offers to better. So do not hesitate, if you are a medical student, or if as a doctor you would like to change the region, you visit.