raw milk products to avoid in pregnancy

Pregnant women are often known for you during your pregnancy, all the food that you just appetite. So far no Problem, but you should watch carefully during the pregnancy and think about what you should eat and, if necessary, should eat. Immerl in addition to, for example, the Echo of that raw milk and any other raw milk products should be avoided.

Raw milk and raw milk products, Listeria (A bacteria, which is found in almost all animal foods) contain which can be, even when stored in the refrigerator in the product multiply. The reason: raw milk and raw milk products not be heated during the production and processing more than 40°C. At such a low temperature, do not die of Listeria. The Pregnant Listeria takes over the food, so these can pass through the placenta to the unborn Baby.

The immune system of an unborn baby is still too weak and contains too little information to, if necessary, to fight against bacteria””. Only with time the strengthens the Immune and the building immune system of the body. The consequences of a Listeria-recording of a baby brings not rarely, listeriosis. In the case of such an infection, it can in the worst case, it can lead to Miscarriage or a Stillbirth. In addition to Listeria, raw milk and raw milk products contain more bacteria and germs such as Salmonella and Coli bacteria.

Therefore, it is recommended to visit during the pregnancy, a specialist nutritional advice. Also remember: Everything CAN, nothing MUST. Nevertheless, one should prepare for, as in the case of a follow-up, it can be often far too late by then!

Source: Mothers – No raw milk products in pregnancy

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