Protect their eyes from UV rays during the summer

Each year hundreds of holiday makers are victims of burns at the level of the eyes, due to lack of protection from the ultraviolet rays. To the sea or to the mountain, the risks are increased tenfold by the reflection of rays, it is important to learn to protect themselves before the time of departure.

The effects of UV on the eyes

The sun’s energy arrives on our planet to 5% in the form of UV rays. These are totally invisible, do not cause any sensation of heat on the skin and are growing in intensity when they are réverbérés by certain surfaces (such as water and snow).

These ultraviolet rays affect our eyes, either directly via the phenomenon of diffusion, or indirectly through the reverb, it is therefore essential to protect ourselves to the maximum.

Protégez ses yeux des rayons UV pendant l’été

The risks

The main risks incurred by the lack of the protection from the sun are ophthalmia (burns of the cornea), and cataracts (loss of lens transparency).

These diseases are serious problems that can lead to a loss of vision partial, or complete in rare cases.

It is possible to recognize these two anomalies with different symptoms.

For ophthalmia :

 painful sensations amplified by the light

 tears unusual

 swelling of the eyelids

For cataract :

 feeling of fog on the eyes

 loss is gradual on the sight by far

 increase the sensitivity to bright lights

How to guard


The awareness on the dangers of the rays and their method of dissemination is the first step. It is then necessary to monitor the indicators that are relayed by the media, and in particular the scale of the index of the UV. The latter integrates the different levels of radiation :

  • Index 1 to 2 : port sunglasses recommended
  • Index 3 at 5 : application of a sunscreen medium protection
  • Index 6 to 7 : applying a sunscreen of high protection, limit the output to the hours of low radiation
  • Index 8 to 10 : exposure not recommended, application of a sunscreen of very high protection and full coverage of the skin
  • Index 11 and higher : exposure strongly discouraged, risk of burns important


You can protect your eyes with two types of accessories : hats and glasses.

The hats and caps you will not directly expose your eyes to the rays of the sun.

Sunglasses are essential as soon as the presence of UV is proven, it is important to choose a model with CE certification. In addition, the index Eye-Sun Protection Factor is also a guarantee of reliability to ensure the acquisition of a model of a bezel that effectively filter ultraviolet rays.

Please note that individuals who have a visual impairment it is possible to adapt the sunglasses to the view. This practice is done on request at your optician’s neighborhood, or by sending your order online for the specialized sites (Optic 2000, At Mike, Alain Afflelou).