professionals for outpatient care continue to be rar

Fachkräfte für ambulante Pflege auch weiterhin rarOver 1.8 million people in need of care are cared for at home in Germany. And although most of the family have set apart members of never before with this theme, you need to take on this challenge themselves, since the nursing staff is not easy to find.

What should I look for in home care?

There are many points that make home care a difficult task. In addition to the psychological burden of a permanent care for a beloved family member, there are also the physical activities and tasks, learning unfamiliar and not correctly and therefore very difficult in the beginning. What medicines I need to when to administer, what products I buy, how can I help the family member the best? These questions and many more affected family members daily.

Much more important is the time factor, however, is. Not every family can afford financially to care for a loved one around the clock, because then no time is there a regulated activity, which is associated with a corresponding merit. And just this is often not needed, since the expenses of the state in the Form of care allowances are usually enough to cover all expenses. Especially if, in addition to the rent and other costs must also be made, for which a monthly income is essential.

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Care by an external carer

Many families are looking due to the shortages in Germany, according to reliable nurses from abroad. The Federal government had planned an Initiative using which increasingly trained nurses from China and Eastern Europe to Germany brought should be – so far, the plan fails, however, and in many cases different regulations in the individual Federal States and the bureaucratic obstacles and delays.

However, anyone who has the good fortune to find someone who is both personable as well as capable of this care on an outpatient basis, you should consider some things. One may conclude, since may 2011, directly a contract of employment with the corresponding support force, this Person must also be registered at the registration authority and have your tax card or tax identification number. In addition, the employer must complete an accident insurance for the carer. In the ideal case, the caregiver moves into a room in the family and is so in case of emergency round the clock.

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