prevention of care – Everything you need to know about (2017)

Prevention of care – Everything you need to know about (2017)

In spite of a good supply situation with care services many people care for their relatives at home. Current Figures show that about two-thirds of all patient’s are cared for at home. The care of family members is mostly of spouses or partners of life provided, often even in higher age. Depending on the clinical picture and the personal Constitution of the individual Care, it can lead to such a commitment of time to self-exhaustion or Overload. Especially family caregivers often suffer from too little free time for themselves or for their social environment. Help is not often accepted when it comes. For this reason, the legislator in the code of social law (SGB XI) under section 39 (Home care for the prevention of the caregiver) has defined the so-called prevention care as a legal power.

What prevention care?

As the Name suggests, this power to a representation of the otherwise caring Person, if this ever fails, so is prevented. Whether this failure is related to a disease or other event, such as hospitalization, treatment, or vacation, in the context, plays no role. It is gratifying that the number of family carers, a break from the busy everyday Care we give increases slowly but steadily. The enlightenment and Appeals, including insurance companies and insurers, as well as the introduction of the family care time, seem to show effect.

Who has the right to prevent care?

Insured with the care levels 2 to 5 have the right to prevent care. To note is that the cared for Person has been maintained for six months in your household.

How to prevent care to apply?

The prevention maintenance you apply to your care Fund. This can also happen informally and retrospectively. Contrary to popular opinion, a prior request is not required in a position is mandatory.

Who can carry out the prevention to care?

Actually, anyone who feels able can take, the prevent care. Limitations there are, however, of the remuneration for the performance.

The replacement care provided by a nursing service, a commercial work carried out at the end of a Person, or even of a distant relative, they can be charged up to 1,612 of the Euro in the calendar year. Related and related persons up to the second degree do not receive the full prevention, care rate of up to 1,612 of the Euro. Here are the expenses of the care funds shall not exceed 1.5 times the amount of care allowance (care degree). That would be in the care of degrees 2= 474 Euro, 3= 817,50 Euro, 4= 1.092 Euro and 5= 1.351,50. However, the performance can be increased to up to 1,612 of the Euro, for example, if a loss of earnings or expenses such as travel costs can be demonstrated.

What can I settle a total of?

As a basic performance 1,612 of euros per calendar year. This will be a part of the unused short-term can be taken care of (50%=806 Euro), for a total of 2.418 Euro.

I get in the time of the prevention care in addition to care for money?

The care Fund pays them on the first and last day of the prevention care for the full care of money rate, depending on the nursing degree. In the rest of the time, the prevention care the care is paid out of money half.

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