Preparing for his comeback as a nursing student

Préparer sa rentrée en tant qu’étudiant infirmier

It’s back to school ! And for the nursing students, too, who smile to the lips and anxiety at the stomach returned for the first time in their IFSI. Is it going to drop in a promo nice, what head have the trainers, what is the program and especially how to behave.

What is a good nursing student ?

In addition to the aspect of the course and a theory overwhelming to learn, you come out the majority of the tray or various studies. For the oldest, it still remembers how to sit on a chair and open his notebook on the table, no ? Then focus this article instead on internships. Ah the internship, the biggest discovery of your studies, why you come. You are eager to start and go in a service to learn how your practice and see the blood squirted on the walls. Don’t leave, I laughed !

So naturally, what will follow will maybe make you smile or may be not. Those who do not like this kind of post are often of FDI coming as Zorro to say ” no, but you are also your student ! not forget eh ! “. No, but I forget precisely. Sometimes it takes a little humor in our line of work, remember how precisely it was during these years, IFSI, the laugh of us-nurses laugh of them students. What follows is therefore of the second degree, calm down and relax. Anecdote quick : one day, a patient accused has remained in a wheelchair who had heard a joke about the paraplegic (black humour ?) is not offended. He just said, smiling : “No go, at least we think we are and we are not forgotten” . To meditate.

The 11 commandments of the nursing student 2013

  1. At the time you will be. Yes, always be on time. Come even a little bit in advance, it is always good to come before the nurse who is always late to take his position. Above all do your planning with your tutor and don’t change your days or your hours during the course at your leisure (you still have a right to ask the question to your tutor if such a day you can make a change…). Don’t forget to draw your sheet transmissions with your patients, it will be just as credible to show that there is at the time.
  2. Present you you will. Each new head that you see, especially in the beginning of the course, introduce yourself to everyone ! And when I say everyone, it is everyone. This is not the team to introduce themselves, they already know each other. The slightest of things is to greet one by one to your new colleagues.
  3. Ever sat you will not be. Some nurses hate to see a student do nothing and to sit and take again a coffee break (or take to smoking again). Generally, it is, paradoxically, one that have their coffee in hand that rattle with students… Don’t do anything, you can always find a occupation, go see the orderlies, read files, ask questions to the doctors, play a game of scrabble with the chamber 431, talk with your patient Alzheimer’s… take Care ! Note : You are still entitled to breaks huh, take it !
  4. Clean his cart, and thou shalt make. Either decision-job or between each treatment, show that you respect the hygiene and clean your cart. Small tip very nice : clean the trolley, the nurse, and verify that nothing is missing content, please fill out the if you need. Don’t forget from time to time to also dump the garbage in the cart, it will be much appreciated. But be careful, you are not in a stage of woman of the household. You have fun not to Polish every day the equipment of the nurse who will be afraid of your hand manic.
  5. Ask questions and thou shalt make. Do not hesitate to ask the nurse questions but not too much ! It also has something else to do and cannot think about everything all the time, especially the nurses. Pay attention also to how you are going to ask questions, stay as simple as possible. If you get no response or a typical response : “listen, I would open the VIDAL to search for information” , it is that it is being undermined and may not respond right away (or it will be gone in the current request response to a doctor).
  6. Good coffee thou shalt cast. It will be necessary to be done, before we didn’t like the coffee but since it is doing the job it cannot do without. To you therefore to ensure that the coffee is ready if you don’t want to hear griping caregivers throughout the day.
  7. Respond to the bells, and thou shalt make. A student who can’t respond to call bells ? Your seen play this where ? Need although they know what it is for seen that once graduated the ear will have the ability to no longer hear the bells of the service (some of you will say orderlies). Above all, be well placed near corridors access and exit the office, you will need to pounce like a cat as soon as the doorbell will be heard !
  8. Your pockets you meet. But without the crack eh, not worth having a kit in school fills to the brim ! Always have the essential tools : a clamp to clamp, a pair of scissors, a pen, 4 colors, a stabylo, a piece of sugar, a lighter and a cigarette. You never know.
  9. Open you will be. What I mean by this is that we should not be shy and stay in your corner. Go talk with the staff, even if it is to talk about other things than the job. Share their daily lives, listen to them. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about them, it will flatter and will think that you are interested in them. You’re a little as in a political campaign, be smart !
  10. Help the nurse and thou shalt make. Go beyond the care or your course. It is good to show that we can do something else as well, for example answering the phone is allowed ! Be aware ! Do you not say, I am new or I don’t know the service so I answer no. You can easily take a message, hear the phone rang several times and see that the student is at 1M but not received is infuriating. During the days of command of the material, help with what it lacks. It also lets you know what is in the closet and see where it ranks. The same when you receive the command, help to store ! It is of good augur that a student knows where to put the equipment in service, the nurses hate the question : “Uh, it fits where ? ” or ” I can’t find the Betadine, this is where ? “. Especially after 3 weeks of training.
  11. Actor of your training you will be. Ah the magic phrase uttered by a large amount of guardian : “You are the actor of your training ! It is you who do what you want to learn, you will not come to seek you. If you want to see a care, application, are not expected to know where you are” . Admit it, you’ve never taken out a student is that ?
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Here, here, here. You’ve seen it, I stayed still serious in what I write ? Good post take it as you will want to ?

In the meantime, I wish all the nursing students and nursing students, a very good back to school 2013 ! Promo 2013-2016, make us proud ! A good back also to the trainers at IFSI, we think a little of you (especially for your future). And finally a good reading all the same to all the nurses, tutors or not, who will again find nice students all cute… Grrooarrr fresh meat !

Go, keep smiling and eat a peach.