Olala, the title of the article wants to say anything. In fact, I mostly wanted to do an article on the words of sciences ending in –ology and what we don’t know necessarily well, or even not at all. Some worth without doubt the trip…

So ok, some are not familiar with this kind of words that are primarily research through scientific studies, medical, or other. Yet some are researchers, unwittingly, in one of the biggest agencies : the A. N. P. E. Oh the joke was easy, but the first time that an unemployed worker me get it out that he was a researcher, I laughed (also eh).

So back to these specialties in –ology , but especially on those that we do not know at all. And even the health care world who follows this blog (I salute you guys), I’m betting that you didn’t know either ! Still, there’s really research studies that serve as… nothing ?

  1. Nissonologie : a Study of the islands

    The researcher : ” So uh, there’s not that are pushed on this night in the sea ? Not ? “
  2. Proximologie : a Study of the relationship between a patient and his relatives

    The researcher : ” Hey Mister, you go better there. It is your sister who is accompanying you ? Is she single ? “
  3. Kremlinologie : Study of the functioning of the soviet power

    The researcher : ” And if we were to bring Depardieu in our Country to study ? “
  4. Ufology (or ovniologie) : Study of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)

    The researcher : ” Ta seen something ? No… And there ? Still not. AH ! Ah no, it is a pigeon. “
  5. Angelology : Study of angels

    The researcher : ” Then shall your light of angels today ? Ah excuse, you slept… As head of “
  6. Coiffologie : a Study of the hairstyle

    The researcher : ” Oh, but you know, if you make a colouring, your state of mind will change on each full moon. “
  7. Campanologie : a Study of bells and bells

    The researcher : ” Your course ? It is a bell cast of 1849 made in 1 month 62522 blows of the hammer. I recognize that one. “
  8. Cryptozoology : the Study of legendary animals (the Loch Ness Monster, Yeti…)

    The researcher : ” We are going to let go of the Loch Ness, the Yeti, and company and we will focus on our president. “
  9. Deltiologie : a Study of the postcards

    The researcher : ” Pfff, your the version painted cat in Arial Black ? I have more rare for me, the one with written in Comic MS “
  10. Exobiology : Study of the possible traces of life in space

    The researcher : ” this is it ! We launched the probe ! She will return in 35 years, let’s go take a coffee. “
  11. Mixology : the Study of cocktails

    The researcher : ” Oh, it was out too last night, I remember the formula.”
  12. Molinologie : a Study of the mills

    The researcher : ” runs, runs, Runs… Call Don Quixote !”
  13. Boxologie : a Study of the boxes

    The researcher : ” It has angles interesting one there.. and the color, your seen the color ? “

It’s still sometimes funny to discover what lies behind some of the studies.

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Well, if you know of others, feel free to leave a comment ?