Polish nurse – What you need to know

Polnische Pflegekraft – Was man wissen mussIt is well known that trained and experienced care workers in Germany are scarce. The demand for trained and motivated nursing staff, both for stationary as well as for 24 hour care in the domestic environment, is significantly larger than the human range. There are several reasons, one of which is in the pecuniary area, so in the tariff payment.

Since may 2011, the free movement of workers applies, among other things, for the neighboring country of Poland. Since then, Polish nurses have the opportunity to work outside of your country, for example, in Germany,. Apart from the working conditions of earnings in Germany is much better than in Poland, with the local currency, the Zloty. The minimum wage for full-time workers in Poland is around one thousand six hundred Zloty, which is about four hundred euros. Here in Germany, the Polish nurse deserves Double to three times. In many cases, in addition to the compensation for a 24-hour care, accommodation and meals. In the Wake of their merit, can be despite all of this, still more than twice as high as at home.

Ways to employ a Polish nurse

Polnische Pflegekraft – Was man wissen mussBy local standards it is a cheap to very cheap solution. There are a number of ways.

1.) The employment Agency provides the foreign nurse at the caring family. All Parties agree, is subject to the guest worker a social insurance full-time day employees. Employers, the care of the family. The employment contract regulates the mutual rights and obligations. It is important to note that the employees in need only nursing care, within the eingruppierten Care level of assistance. For the medical care and the ambulatory care service remains at the location of the single point of contact. For an all-round care, this way is with the employees from the neighboring country, Poland, is a good and literally inexpensive solution.

2.) Another way is the independence of the Nurse. The free movement of workers allows for the registration of a trade. The services to be provided to be fixed in a contract. This is for the patient nor cost-effective, because the nurse must self-insure sick. In addition, no employer to fall due to their self-employment shares for social insurance. To avoid bogus self-employment, must have the care power of several Clients. This can be quite different activities. It is crucial that it remains permanently in the case of a Client.

3.) The so-called posting model is a third possibility. A domestic staffing company cooperates with its partners in Poland. In this way, the 24-hour caregiver. You will be employed by the care service in their home country and to the foster family to Germany sent. On the basis of a previously agreed service catalogue she works in the foster family. The pays on a monthly basis to the sending organization in Poland.

For what is the solution to the foster family decides in Germany; in any case, a motivated and trained caregiver provides to the care-dependent Person, and a very balanced price-performance ratio.