Planned maintenance: As our service plan

Service plan-day care is for me to sit for a day at the Computer and to distribute for the next month, 15 members evenly to 28 up to 31 days around the clock. I like that, times a day only PC-work, Figures, and tables. For my staff in the care of the service plan planning security for everyday life. At the same time, you are exposed to the changing services and the result, like more or less. Because of the service dictated the daily routine. The layer of service carries with it advantages and disadvantages. To me, it is important to keep the disadvantages to a minimum. I’ve acquired a particular course of action.

The Output Location

In the Asklepios clinic North, there is for the nursing staff an individual service planning. This means that the services are distributed without recurring System every month is different. Another possibility is the so-called rolling plan or long-term service plan. It is continuously determined exactly who is working when. The can look, for example, so that in a week only Breakfast service, then a week, late service, night service, and in exchange a weekend works and one free. So a huge plan – I know, in principle, already now, when I’m working next year in April. But due to holidays and Sickness a lot then shifts yet again.

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Advantages of individual service planning

So I’m not a friend of the rolling plans. The individual service planning for me has three major advantages.

  1. Basic preferences and needs can be better taken into account.
  2. It is easier for individual dates, such as, for example, a large family celebration.
  3. The self-determination of the employee is on restricted at least.

So many of the Wishes of the Plan

In order to keep track of the service plan in writing, I asked all employees to tell me, what are the regular dates and basic desires you have. As a colleague, for example, every Monday for the Italian course, and can therefore make no late service. A colleague likes to make late services, and another colleague would prefer to do two night shifts in a month instead of four. Also, the special features of the supply and care of children will find here room. All of these preferences, I have summarized in a list.

In addition to the basic Wishes of the employees have the possibility of more wishes in advance in the Plan to enter: you can enter this way every month for individual appointments or special week-ends. The night services at a certain point in the month is possible. My staff are now really good at it, their plans and desires align.

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And where are the disadvantages?

Yes, there are cons. However, these mainly lie on my side and not on the employee. Create individual service plans will cost much more time. And even if the service plan is finished, it comes to more discussions and feelings of Envy – but quickly this clearing, I enter to the option notes, the next Time, also more to be desired. All in all, I am willing to invest time and care in this manner for more satisfaction.

Photo: Fotolia / MVILevi