Petition to the Bundestag, statements in the Interview

Petition an den Bundestag – Erklärungen im InterviewI’m in the last few weeks, in an interview mood. This is fun and I hope to be able to you some exciting and interesting topics here on the Blog to introduce. Today, there is a Petition to the Bundestag. A few days ago I received a Mail from Robin, which made me curious. It comes to the care of the policy and after I received in the Interview with Mrs. Beikirch already insights from the Ministry of health, I dedicate myself today, once again, politics and democracy, and have asked Robin to speak to the Petition.

Hi Robin, thank you for taking the time. Please introduce the readers but first short.

My Name is Robin, Gerd Meier, I am 26 years old and with a heart and a soul Care enthusiast.

We have Yes on your Mail about the Petition to the Bundestag, “care policy – such As Germany, want to die? Everyone met may die in Germany as he was born alone!“. Please describe for me and the readers what it is.

Every nurse knows the “everyday life of the Sterbes“ in Germany. Our Users have decided to vote in favour of this issue and develop a Petition. We don’t want that in Germany alone die for. We want to be able to accompany our patients / residents so, as it says in our professional code of conduct. We are clear that this claim appears to be paradoxical at first glance. We are in the middle of the health-care crisis and we are calling for more time for our patients. I am aware of the fact that this claim means that about 60,000 new jobs, I believe, however, that this requirement of the key and the solution to many problems in the care.

Our claim, to be clear, We are asking that each doctor is allowed to prescribe up to 24 h up to 14-day monitoring. This need for more nursing staff must be clearly stated in all financial negotiations taken into account. Our society must consciously decide to accept a health insurance contribution increase of 0.2% and 0.3%, in order to Finance humanity.

If you wish to join one or the other of my readers are now in of the Petition: How can we support you?

On our website we provide, under the heading of “Political” is a signature form available as a Download. This form can also be used for non-members.

The Petition through the website , a kind of Community for Employees in the care, when you’re the managing Director. It may be that you make with the Petition, “only” your website known? What do you say to such an accusation?

So first I see this not as a reproach. If One or the Other of our site is amazing and just as in the idea you can fall in love, to be one of many nurses who wants to move together with Thousands of what, I am happy, of course. Our site is completely free and any caregiver is welcome. Of course we want to grow, everything else would simply be a lie.

Robin, thanks for your reply and the info on the Petition.

And now, as always, the invitation to you, dear reader: What do you think of the Petition? Do you support them? And have you actually also been a proposal to cut red tape in the care of Mrs. Beikirch submitted? I look forward to your comments.

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