part 2: The Addiction eats away at the life of Frau K.


The care of patients with addictive disorders is not easy. Not infrequently, they even set themselves against us as nurses to the military, if we want to support you about the urgent need for the care of the body. Our hope: If we are to avoid that patients appear shabby and unkempt, motivated the members to support the therapy. I have described in the first part of this blog post about the alcohol-dependent woman.

In the case of Mrs. K., our hope will be disappointed, unfortunately, As your members arrive in the afternoon to visit, it is clear that the dimensions of the Addiction have long drawn new circles. Husband, brother and daughter also have a yellowish skin, look unkempt, and a strong smell of liquor surrounding you.

This disease affects a Person, all the people in the narrow radius are more or less affected. Either you suffer from the same Addiction or the Addiction of the Patients. It is certain that the disease is undetected over several years, initially, and approximately developed, and thus the diagnosis and the exact causes are very difficult to define. And since the causes for each patient are different, should be adjusted in the ideal case, the therapies also individually. The high cost of power, however, this is not always possible.

Death at the age of 42

Mrs. K. I think after a few late services, Two-bed-room, but in a single room. She is going to Die. Comatose, unable to speak and soul calm. She was 42 years old and leaves a small family, which is due to the loss now more vulnerable to mental ill health or alcohol to slide addiction.

This is the case, I will never forget, as I had initially hoped naively that the relatives are shocked now, and woke up frightened. That they recognized the consequences of Addiction, and felt have seen. But regularly, a totally different picture to me: I see the relatives of Mrs K. on the road again – heavily under the influence of alcohol and intoxication with like-minded people.

Tackle the problem at the root

For the majority of patients with addiction disorders, and the consequences of which Western medicine offers no cure. You fought, only the acute symptoms and waits silently to the fact that the patient might still end up in the hospital. But to say that there is no effective therapy for addiction disorders is wrong.

Poor working conditions go hand in hand with a lot of negative Stress, or a poor work atmosphere caused by, for example, bullying in the Team can carry an Addiction gradually. By a life crisis or Burn-Out can be abuse from chronic use. To observe himself and his friends and colleagues, and changes in a timely manner courageous address can prevent this. Self-help groups often provide a very good, sustainable therapy.

It is not my Intention to make all smokers non-smokers or to ban alcohol. Alcohol and nicotine is also a stimulant and has been for thousands of years. A nurse is not critical consumer should be able to distinguish from abuse. The training will be discussed thoroughly. And also the right way of dealing with people with addiction is taught both in theory and in practice. Developing health and diseases nursing professionals for addiction. You can work in the hospital, but in rehab clinics, self-help groups or projects for the education. For children and young people, for example, the project “know Your Limit!” . A nurse has learned on vulnerable people reach out.

Photo: Fotolia / Jonathan Stutz