Parkinson’s symptoms for detecting the disease

The disease Parkinson’s disease is mainly due to its insidious symptoms known. It is not always easy to catch early symptoms of Parkinson’s, but who knows, may be the abnormal estimate occurring characteristics immediately. Because the sooner a therapy is started the better the chances that the symptoms can be reduced. A complete cure of the disease, however, is not in accordance with the current state of medicine.

One of the first signs of the typical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is a Tremor. The whole Hand can involve only one Finger. Actor Michael J. Fox, one of the most famous people who suffer from the disease, Parkinson’s disease, described it with the Twitch of the little finger, which he took seriously. Of course, every Shivering is not a sign that you may be suffering from Parkinson’s disease, but should not be ignored however. Other characters, which, in conjunction, make it Difficult, for example, as a slowdown in the rate of breathing as well as muscle stiffness. Of course, it is in fact often mistaken for the symptoms in the early stages of the disease with a cold or a flu. Because sweating as well as gastro-intestinal problems (constipation) may also belong to the symptoms, which can be the first signs of Parkinson’s disease. At the latest when the fine motor skills is affected, you should decide with certainty, whether it is parkinsonism or not. So will not bind in the rule, often the handwriting is illegible or the shoes to the agony, as the hands do what they should. In addition, the facial Expressions, such as Gestures, may have changes. Strong symptoms in Parkinson’s disease, especially the muscle stiffness as well as a slower speed. Especially, the restriction of mobility is one of the first warning signs that there is already a higher stage of Parkinson’s disease.

Also, the reflexes due to the disease are given. A fall is a risk, because you can no longer intercept, in effect, in a timely manner. Also, the relapses, the trembling limbs are significantly stronger and more intense. Strong symptoms in the late stage of the disease, especially the inability to move – so it is no longer possible to climb it in the Morning from the bed. At the latest, who noticed these symptoms should immediately seek medical medical help.

Through a targeted drug therapy it is time to fight, however, possible symptoms and to lead a largely “error-free” life.