palliative care unit – why?

Why I work on the palliative care unit? It is the most powerful for me is the Sense of what I can do. The Fragility of man, his vulnerability in this phase of life touch me deeply. And also the trust he has for me. Of confidence connected, with the hope that we can alleviate his misery. It is my task to accompany these people on their past, often difficult path to meet them with mindfulness, and to give room for the necessary questions.

Find answers with us, the members, to the we care on the palliative ward. You may have part of the responsibility with us.

To the last breath

For years I was a self-carers. The love of my life was deadly ill. I have hoped, felt, suffered, and at the end of the last breath witnessed. Nothing has hit me deeper, nothing has me more marked.

Since I know both sides, the point of view of the members and the point of view of the professionals, it’s easier for me to empathize, but also to know boundaries and respect. To experience how a human being is always translucent, and the body becoming weaker, and in the same measure, our responsibility, to take him into care, to take care of him, to read his body language and give him what he needs at the end – there are hardly words.

Where I want to die?

There are people who want to die at home or in the hospice, but for our Station. It is my concern that the survivors can say that It was the right decision.

24 years ago, when I had to take my Partner’s farewell, there was no palliative care unit. Back then I would have been glad to have this Form of monitoring and support. Well, that times have changed.

Photo: Cornelia Hartmann