Overview on the tasks of the gerontologist

The medicine consists of several branches for the prevention, treatment and the discovery of new pathologies. Many specialties have also been created to support patients who suffer from disorders related to a particular condition. Gerontologists, for example, have for main mission to promote the well-being of the elderly.

The gerontologist : a caregiver at the bedside of seniors

The people of the third age require special care. Because of their old age, their immune system is far more fragile. In addition, the hospital services are not always adapted to their conditions. The long queues to see a doctor are more. In addition, the pathologies to which they are met must be treated in a different manner.

In order to preserve their well-being, many hospitals have created a department of geriatrics. Practitioners affiliated to this department are called geriatricians or gerontologists. The nursing staff that is in charge of the care of seniors occurs most of the time for the treatment of serious diseases. That this is to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease or cancer, these specialists provide good advice to patients. They create genuine links with the patient to support them psychologically. This detail is crucial for the remission of elderly patients.

How to recruit a geriatrician/gerontologist ?

Although it is a specialization fairly recent, geriatricians are quite demanded in the market. Because of this, private clinics are encouraged to integrate a geriatrician or a gerontologist. To find suitable profiles for this position is not easy. On the other hand, physicians also face the difficulty to find listings of employment of gerontologists. In order to solve this problem, entrepreneurs have had the good idea to put in relation to the recruiters, and practitioners in search of a job. To this effect, they have created a specific site. The portal looks like a recruitment platform classic, but only for the medical sector. You can see many announcements for the hiring of doctors of specializations varied. The virtual exhibitions are also organized to fill a position.