Our new care Ambassador

Ambassadors of the Hamburg Care more for health and a nurse from the Asklepios clinics throughout Germany encountered. You will report from your professional life. Here we present two of the “New” Cornelia Hartmann and Jochen Schwab.

Unsere neuen Pflegebotschafter

Cornelia Hartmann (Born in 1971) works in the Asklepios clinic in the Hessian in the vicinity of Giessen. There she is on a ward for geriatrics and palliative medicine.

Cornelia is originally from Berlin. There, she has worked in the Charité. For personal reasons, she moved it away from the capital to Central Hessen. Relaxation she finds in nature and in sports. And not only your passion, but also a good way to keep up your strength is cooking. Cornelia has two adult sons.

Unsere neuen Pflegebotschafter

Jochen Schwab (Born 1962) has been working for more than two decades in the Asklepios stadtklinik in Bad Tölz. After a few years as Deputy head and then station management Jochen is on guard duty tonight on the Surgery-vascular surgical ward. Prior to his career as a nurse, Jochen worked as a trained Electrical installers.

In the morning his dog Chicco, a Golden-Retriever-Cocker-Mix is happy when Jochen comes home. Exciting Jochen will find everything that has to do with computers. And when it comes, fills Jochen in his spare time diving in the Mediterranean sea, the Red sea, but also at home in the upper Bavarian lakes, and the even in the Winter.

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Photos: Asklepios