Osteopathy for the mother during and after pregnancy

To relieve the pain in the mother, when the most medicines and treatments are generally discouraged, there are techniques in complementary medicine : osteopathy for the mother enables to improve its comfort of life during these few months!!!

Osteopathy during pregnancy

The famous “pain pregnancy” are caused by the physical changes of the body, in addition to those caused by the hormones, when the uterus will increase in size and thus move the bodies to the top. The intestines are going to come to place to either side of him, the liver and the system of venous return will be tablets, the stomach will be pushed up, as well as the diaphragm.

This can lead to breathing difficulties, acid indigestion, bloating, constipation, spark discomfort, or even cause poor circulation of blood and lymph. To accompany him to overcome these pains for 9 months, the osteopathy for the mother may be a solution. For each disorder, we can find an action osteo to relieve the aches of pregnancy, as explained in a osteopath in this article.

 Ostéopathie pour la maman pendant et après la grossesse

For example, if you frequently have the urge to urinate, which is the case for the majority of women, the practitioner will be able to make clear the bladder from the pubes, and its compression by the uterus ; or if you have nausea, the bone will loosen the muscle of the diaphragm, and check the mobility of the uterus by giving back mobility to the stomach if necessary.

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Osteopathy to prepare moms for childbirth

This medicine can also help you prepare for the coming of your child, and facilitate in ensuring that it will take place for the better. Make a balance sheet regularly, with a bone will allow you to correct some of the imbalances that might arise ; with gentle manipulations, he will release you from the restrictions of mobility related to pregnancy and allow a good mobility in general.

Osteopathy for mom will allow him to learn the exercises, to prepare itself for childbirth, at her home, in order to maintain the work done in consultation. What the practitioner will ensure, it is, inter alia, that the joints of the pelvis are mobile, the sacrum is free (which often indicates a uterus well-mobile) and that the pool is well-balanced, to allow for a grant easy for the baby.

Ostéopathie pour la maman pendant et après la grossesse

See an osteo, you will be more comfortable on the day ; for example if you have back pain a few days prior to the date of the term, it may mean that your pelvis is not balanced. The ideal is to visit once a quarter, or a minimum of 6 weeks before your term.

Osteopathy for the mother after childbirth

After childbirth, it is necessary to rebalance the body, even before the re-educate and strengthen muscularly, for every element of the resume more easily to its place and its functions. In the ideal, wait for some time after the birth of your child, at least 6 weeks as the uterus returns to its size and its place, if you do not have a particular pain.

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You can see an osteo in the case of back problems, tailbone, pelvis, headaches (which may arise from the anesthetic), digestive disorders, do check your scar from the caesarean section if you have one, or if you have had a tear or an episiotomy…

Finally you can get it out of your delivery and get back in shape, you can register for sessions offering the method of Gasquet, which combines medicine and yoga, and you will bring the balance and the physical activity you need while keeping your baby by your side ! Check with a professor of yoga at home trained in the method of Gasquet, on the platform Unizen for example.