organ Donation : moving tribute of surgeons

Don d’organes : émouvant hommage de chirurgiens

This photo has made the running of the world, by the power of the shot by the story behind it. We see indeed a team of surgeons in a chinese hospital, bowing in front of the lifeless body of a little boy of 11 years. It was called Liang Yaovi.

A child makes a donation of organs in China

Liang Yaovi was ill with cancer and his life was doomed. He knew that he was going to die and this is why the child has expressed his last wish to his mother : “Mom, I want to give my organs” . The child had previously become aware of the organ donation and the important that it could have been thanks to the school.

The child was suffering from a malignant brain tumor since the age of 9 years, but Liang has never given up and has launched a fight to save the other. He first convinced his mother, who explains that his son told him : “there are a lot of people who have done great things in the world. These are people well, and I also want to be a child well “. On June 6, Liang Yaovi died of the continuations of his cancer. Surgeons have thus respected the last wishes of the child, and took some of the bodies, after having thanked the child by the tribute, before going to the operating room. It is, therefore, his liver and kidneys that have been transplanted with success on other children… The business that wanted to make the little boy ? Doctor to save lives, he said.

Organ donation in France

In France, organ donation is still a topic hardly affordable. Despite a rise in the last few years, with some campaigns of information and awareness-raising, the subject still remains taboo in some families.Yet many lives could be saved. In France, it is a family on three who opposed the removal of organs from their deceased.

Like in this story, the children can also be a donor. The decision back to the parents or guardians. Last year, in 2013, there were nearly 4% of removal of organs from minors under 17 years of age.