Opinion ” 101 tips for do not land in the er “

Avis « 101 conseils pour ne pas atterrir aux urgences »

Recently, I was advised a book. Finally, I’ve bought several. Of course, all deal with the same subject matter, that is to say, the next caregiver. No, I do not you speak, therefore, not the final work of Tolstoy on this blog. To begin with, so this side of “culture ” of the blog, I started by the book 101 tips for not landing in the er Dr. Gerald KIERZEK.

101 tips for not landing in the er

You really think all know to avoid you brulez, fracturez or avoid this small bobo that you spoil your afternoon ? You have the habit of walking the hands in the pockets (down the stairs), messing with the ring on your finger, you hold to sneeze, to take only one of the medicines that hangs out in your “reserve ” ? Please be aware, however, that small gestures can bring you to the er.

Be aware that in France, the same figures emerge. I speak of course of those relating to the accidents of common life , which are responsible for more than 4 million people are injured for 50 000 hospitalizations, and especially 20 000 deaths. It is less spoken of that the road accidents are 5 times less numerous, which is so injurious. Yet, just as certain accidents of the road, many can be avoided ! The Dr. Gerald Kierzek, an emergency physician at the Hôtel-Dieu in Paris, thus had the idea to gather in a book the best recommendations and other reflexes every day in order to avoid accidents…

I’m not going to hide it, I devoured this book. This is also the kind of book where you say to yourself,” damn, I’ve always wanted to write that kind of book, but I’m getting ahead ! “. However, I must admit also that I’ve had a bit of trouble. The reason for this ? Probably because I placed myself as a nurse and as a first-aid instructor from the start. So obviously, I am often told ” No, but that’s normal huh… “

Then I picked up the book I positioning it differently. Instead of the general public, the dad worried about his son, this mother who rests constantly a thousand questions to avoid something happening to her child, to any person wishing to learn a little bit more to take care of an issue that may fall on it. And it is true that in the 101 tips, the Dr. KIERZEK goes to the essential. No-frills, with a hint of humour sometimes to de-dramatize the case, with explanations, clear and precise, the book goes to the essence of what that could be avoided or, on the contrary. The explanations provided are effective and would benefit the whole public is aware, both to reduce congestion in the emergency than to explain why waiting time is sometimes so long…

I have also enjoyed – as a professional – to finally see explanations, just concise and accurate. How many times we can read that in such cases it is necessary to do so or in the other it is like that. For each board, I found the approach to be followed and the accuracy of the data provided. Finally a book where I hasten not to say ” no, this is not like that ! “especially in terms of first aid. The end of the book I was also more because I have still learned two three things.

So if you want to buy a book to feel less stressed in the face of a problem or a hazard, or if you want to offer this book to your friend who just started these studies HAVE, IDE or even medicine, go for it ! Non-frankly, this book is clear and very well written, that it is necessary to have at hand. And this would avoid many accidents…