ONI : The mess nursing is no more !

ONI : Le désordre infirmier n’est plus !

You’ve probably not noticed – or maybe if – but the Ordre national des infirmiers (ONI) has just been reborn from its ashes. In addition to the fact that a good number of nurses do not adhere to the order, we speak all the same, 80% of non-registered 500,000 nurses in France. Mps voted last night in restoring order.

So naturally, after it was deleted the first time by these same mps, then reinstated by the senators, the Order can now breathe again. Because in the framework of the project of law of health (q– ui is pushed by the Minister of health, I do not say ” our ” so the polls make it unpopular), and which is discreetly discussed the night, the amendments tabled by Annie Le Houerou to remove the ONI, or make it optional (as had promised a certain Minister…) have not been adopted.

Then some will cry out in victory, others to defeat, the pros and cons are ONI still struggling at the moment… I just want for my part to emphasize one thing. What saddens me the most is not if it is good or evil this order but the representation in the chamber of our parliament. What I want to say is that I am disappointed with the attitude of our government which, let’s be clear, doesn’t give a fuck about us.

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Thus, these amendments – which are debated in the middle of the night – there have in fact been submitted to the vote in 18 seats only… Yes 18 members present on the 577 seats in France. And on 18, that is 9 votes for and 8 votes against ! 1 mp abstained. A pity that he has not voted ” no ” to make a pretty foot of nose, with a perfect equality. Therefore, a National Nurse is ultimately not a great thing for the political class, and I wonder if all the members know if there is a… So if the 577 members of parliament had voted that day, the score would have been perhaps different, and speaking… Remember, in passing, that they were only 19 to vote for its deletion. It has therefore lost one in the passage…

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