On 8 November, it was the strike !

Le 8 Novembre, c’est la grève !

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8, 2016 will take place a massive strike of all the caregivers. Gather yourselves together ! Take even an hour of your time and what you can do alongside your colleagues to calm your ras the bowl.

For my part, I would be at 10AM in front of the gare Montparnasse in Paris, where will begin to scroll through to get to the ministry. Nurses, caregivers, join us !

A great white wave of mobilization in France ? We hope and we invite you to visit the cities below.

The timing of the strike of caregivers in France

  • Angers : 10h30 place Imbach
  • Bordeaux : 13h30 – 14h in front of the ARS
  • Caen : 14 Place Saint Cyprien
  • Chambery : the beginning of after noon, in front of CHU
  • Dijon, france : 14h in front of the ARS
  • Dolle : CHS Saint Ylie
  • Grenoble : 14h in front of the ARS
  • La Rochelle : 10am at the Big Wheel
  • Le Mans : 14h CH of le Mans Hall of the Fontenoy
  • Lyon : 14h in front of the ARS
  • Marseille : 10: 30 am on the Old Port – 13.30 in front of the ARS for the mobilization nurse
  • Montpellier : 14h in front of the ARS – RV hospital Lapeyronie in front of the administrative center
  • Nancy : 13: 30 ARS
  • Nantes : 10am in front of the CHU
  • Nice : 10 am Place Garibaldi
  • Paris : 10am on the forecourt of the Gare Montparnasse
  • Perpignan : 14: 30 in front of the ARS 8 Bld Mercader
  • SaintEtienne : 11am in front of the CPAM Avenue Émile Loubet
  • Strasbourg : 11 am Place Kléber
  • Toulouse : 14h Place Saint Cyprien
  • Towers : 15h Place Anatole France
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