occupations, and studies in medicine

Les métiers et les études dans la médecine

Becoming a doctor requires a lot of time and determinism. In France, there are almost eight to eleven years of training to have a status of physician confirmed and a specialist in a specific field of medicine. But before you begin, you need to have clarification on the professions of medicine, as well as the studies needed to be done. Find out in this article, all the information related to the curriculum of medical training.

Study medicine in France : the training course

The medicine training in France takes place in two levels. This reflects the selective and rigorous medical studies in the different institutes of the French training. Thus, as a medical student, you will have to spend on average eight years of training to hope to wear the title of general practitioner and eleven years for the title of physician specialist. These studies are segmented into two sub-sets, including :

  • The PAGE

The PAGE in France , or common First Year for health studies, is made up of students who aspire to become a general practitioner. This first level of training in medicine delivers two diplomas, and the number of years required for the PAGE is 5 years maximum. You will have as degrees :

  • The DFGSM or Diploma of General Education in Medical Sciences which is recognized by the State and issued at the end of the first three years (Bac + 3) passed to the PAGE on the understanding that it admits of only one repetition per grade.
  • The DFASM or Diploma of in-Depth Training in Medical Sciences, also recognized by the State and issued at the end of five years of studies in medicine (Bac + 5).
  • The Internship The internship involves the second level of training in medicine. The second level is made up of students who want to become a general practitioner or medical specialist. The regime of the boarding school also awards two diplomas :
  • The OF or State Diploma of Doctor of Medicine is awarded after 3 years spent in the cycle internship
  • The OF or State Diploma of Specialized Doctor of Medicine , which is issued after 4 years (for some specialists) and 5 years (for some specialties like surgery).
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The various professions of medicine

The trades in the field of medicine are in the plural. During the training, each student has the opportunity to choose between the different branches of medicine. The trades offered by medicine are starting with a pre-med medicine: a midwife, a sports physician, Psychiatrist, Pediatrician, general practitioner, otolaryngologist ; ophthalmologist, emergency physician, surgeon, medical regulator, the occupational physician, Dermatologist, dental surgeon, doctor of Education and Anesthetist-resuscitator. All of these crafts are accessible after a rigorous training in medicine.

Each specialty in medicine requires a long training and practical skills. It is a formation at double speed, which is to provide learners with skills in general medicine and specialized medicine. It must, however, have been between eight and eleven years of training to have the title of general practitioner or medical specialist.