nursing management, nursing education, nursing Sciences studies instead of surrender!

Pflegemanagement, Pflegepädagogik, Pflegewissenschaften – Studium statt Kapitulation!A study in nursing management or nursing Sciences could offer some of the nurses a new perspective. To feel constantly like the fight against windmills, and maybe even play with the thought of the Job, you could offer a course of study with new perspectives. Why not find itself responsible for the current Situation in the care industry change?

The care in Germany is an increasingly important factor, the most know that by now. The population is ageing, demand for care and support increases. A booming labour market. A misbelief, as we in statistics are impressive. In Germany, thousands in care to stay a year appointed vacant. Why? Because hardly anyone is ready to have a tough job against poor pay and without the necessary recognition.

However, the number of subjects of study in the nursing field is rising on the other side. Nursing Sciences, nursing education, nursing management for experienced professionals THE opportunity of the profession to give life a new perspective and to come finally in a Position in which important decisions are co-determined or self-made.

How is the course structured?

Content of the course depending on the field of study is different. Basically all of us, or at least most of them deal, however, study models with the basics of working in hospitals, nursing homes and facilities for the disabled. In addition to the daily work with patients is an important part of the studies of the behind-the-Scenes. How does a hospital? How is organized the supply of patients? How can be assured of the quality in nursing homes? In addition to the care of the study subjects of basics in operating economy, social, law, medicine, pedagogy, and ethics. This is often waived on frontal teaching in the Form of Lectures and instruction in seminars conducted. In addition, the study has a strong focus on practice.

Who can begin a care course of study?

Many nursing courses are aimed at experienced professionals from the care sector. Those who have already completed vocational training or several years of professional experience and now want to qualify here is the right place for it. Requirement high school diploma is usually Always stronger, as well as integrated models that combine training and studying to develop. Will be omitted on purely theoretical subjects, which are set in advance, is neither practical nor practical experience. At the University of applied Sciences Dresden, for example, since 2012, the degree in care management. Currently, nine students are studying here in parallel to the profession. The lessons are held mainly on week-ends and requires a high degree of self-organization and self-discipline. You should really do? Prof. Dr. Peter Peschel, a lecturer in health Economics in Dresden, expresses the following: “studies show that academically-trained nursing staff that will significantly reduce the mortality in nursing facilities, the bed sores of the patient is reduced and the satisfaction of the patient increases”. Quite an incentive to give the career a new impetus.

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What comes after the degree?

Pflegemanagement, Pflegepädagogik, Pflegewissenschaften – Studium statt Kapitulation!Graduates of the nursing Sciences or any other Nursing degree programs work in the Management of nursing homes or hospitals, or for the quality assurance and the further development of care in the aforementioned institutions. Also work at health insurance companies or as a consultant to the authorities, it is conceivable. Nursing educators are on their own to the instructor. According to the higher education information system, 2010, approximately 90 percent of the graduates have found a job within one year of use seems to be in this case really rewarded.