nursing Care : all about the hygiene of the patients

Body hygiene is important, even more when you fall ill. Especially the cleanliness for yourself and the environment can both protect themselves from getting a physical well-being and cheer.

Soins infirmiers : tout sur l’hygiène des patients

Personal hygiene for physical well-being and morale of patients

During the convalescence of the patient, the nurse has two goals, ensure the hygiene of the patient and monitor their condition of the skin. When the toilet is full to the bed, the nurse uses the following equipment, clothes, a pair of gloves, toiletries and a pair of towels that is to say, one for the top and another for the lower body. In addition, during the renovation of the bed, clean linen is provided as well as clean linen for the patient. In the case where the latter is suffering from incontinence, he or she will be provided protection anatomical. Regarding, hygiene equipment, according to the state of the patient, recommendation ofuse of liquid soap bio as on Other natural cosmetic products are also used as massage oil, like sweet almond oil, but also of the Water of Cologne. A necessary shave for the gentlemen and a little bit of hairstyling equipment type comb and brush for the ladies. During the implementation of the care, the nurse prepares the installation of the patient first while providing a degree of autonomy of the latter. The cleaning begins with the toilet of the face, neck and ears are sensitive areas that should be cleaned gently and dried by buffering. The toilet of the torso, abdomen, arms, and hands begins with the member furthest away. Furthermore, the use of natural soap or handmade soap helps to protect the skin, even if for the cleaning of the legs and feet, as well as the toilet in the back, where the use of washcloths. The toilet of the genitals can be done more smoothly because of the sensitivity of these parts, but with an emphasis at the level of the folds.

Soins infirmiers : tout sur l’hygiène des patients

Even more important, the hygiene of the house and premises

The hygiene of the premises and of the room also in the well-being of the patient. For the hygiene of the premises, three conditions must be met, the premises must be little contaminables, that is to say, not exposed to contaminated areas, they must be very contaminated, that is to say, to limit the risk of proliferation of germs. And finally, the premises must easily be décontaminables, that is to say that these are easy to clean and disinfect. The hygiene of the room is more targeted, the cleaning focuses primarily on the seeds of which a daily housekeeping and the cleaning of the room after the toilet of the patient, and the resurfacing of the bed. A wet suppression is also performed as well as the washing of the soil. In relation to the environment of the patient, the bed is made daily, as well as the small household, not to mention the daily maintenance of health. Once the patient is out, a disinfection in total the chamber will be carried out.

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