NRW controls on health-care crisis.

NRW steuert auf Pflegenotstand zu.Okay, we all know that the benefits of care are most often sewn on the edge. The nursing shortage is somehow always omnipresent, and, not least, the Bundestag’s petition shows that more and more people stand against the chronic under – funding and Overwork in the health and especially the care sector.

Today, I’m on a study by the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) stumbled, stating that North Rhine-Westphalia are missing in the year 2030, over 87,000 professionals in health care, including 40,000 in the care. According to the author of the study, Michael Burkhart, is the highest value of all German Federal States. If you keep in mind that currently, around 2,600 nurses/missing in North Rhine-Westphalia, this means by the year 2030 there will be a multiplication by 1,700 percent. Not bad for a 19-year period, or? To the extent my salary should increase.

Okay, back to the topic. How to solve the Problem? Burkhart estimates in its study that it could reduce a state of emergency, at least to 9,000 missing forces, if you could keep nurses a year longer in the profession. Actually, it sounds a relatively simple solution compared to a higher retirement age of nurses, or an increase in the working week (have to ask even more?).

And what is the policy in NRW has to say? The country’s health Minister Barbara Steffens wants to deal with the Problem, with a training levy, in accordance with the Motto “Who does not train, it pays”. This will surely bring young, but like this the workers should no longer be in the profession held, remains open. In addition, Ms. Steffens called for a merger of the health and care of the elderly a professional. Then nurses could move between hospitals, care homes and outpatient services.

And one more addition: Not only NRW is ill-prepared for the future. Also, for example, the flagship state of Bavaria will get problems in the future, if it is not something New, as the chart from PwC shows:

NRW steuert auf Pflegenotstand zu.

I know that you’re also affected by problems in care. What do you say? And do you have other solutions?

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