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It is summer and hot in Hamburg. Therefore, not only of the concept of the rule of law, but also the content refreshing story from our Pool care, or to care for a pool here. It is a personal pool of nurses, whose leap in the care of desire takes place over a use in conservative or operative fields. Here, either night shifts or day shifts will be scheduled on the weekends reliably. The Pool allows a flexible employment, for example, to the professional with a degree, agree.

As a care coordinator, I also take part in weekend on-call service to the nursing Directorate. Here, it can happen that on a short-term loss of Personnel. Also this Pool is, under certain conditions, cooling available, if it is in the Altona hot. In this connection, I have allowed an employee to get to know, know quasi-the Pool of the first hour. Michaela was the first researcher, who dared to leap into the water. Now, after having swum a few years, she leaves the Pool, to work full-time as a teacher. But not without me and all Interested parties on our nursing blog to tell their success story. Here is our conversation:

Michaela, how was it that you have chosen for the care of the pool, and what does that even mean?

Michaela: I have 2010 my teaching degree for vocational schools in Hamburg at the University started. I came right after my training as a registered General nurse to Hamburg. From the beginning, it was clear to me – I would like to work next to the study and my later teaching in the nursing. The idea behind it: So I know later is better, what I’m talking about. Through my then Partner at the time of contact with the Asklepios clinic was established in Altona and I applied there. The Director of nursing, under me, spread then in a personal conversation the exciting offer to work in the so-called care of the pool. I had heard of until then, from this concept, yet nothing, to the but open-minded. It was and is so that you can mostly be at night and on weekends used per month and still have a fixed “master station”. Because of this flexibility, on the one hand, but also the continuity and advance planning, on the other hand, I opted for the nursing pool. For me, this principle was suitable to make the study and practice compatible. After a regular training of approximately three weeks in the Day shift I was familiar with the processes in the house.

To can now, where you can leave us, as a teacher to start Which, to be quite honest: advantages and disadvantages working in our nursing pool?

From 2010 to 2018, I had a job as a pool assistant. As the first employee in the framework of this concept, I can say for me that I have benefited both in addition to the studies and the legal traineeship, as well as in connection with my Teacher. In the studies, I have worked with a half-time position in the Pool. As a result, I was able to Finance study and life. The arrangements and service plans were always adhered to and we had to step in as the pool staff on additional days. The stations were always open and friendly. If there was no Personnel loss, we were second in the night service and you could be the Springer work for many stations, a great deal of support, which of course was gratefully accepted.

On the other hand, had to be also aware of the fact that you have no fixed Team. This was not for me personally, sometimes simply because I really enjoy working in a Team. By arrangements with the Director of nursing it was possible, however, that at the weekend Day shift could be worked. As a result, I was able to integrate me into the team and got to know the station of the typical processes a lot better.

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How was the one with the half a spot next to the course of study for you? Could you change here, also change the representation?

Yes, after I had finished my studies, I worked for a couple of months even with a three-quarter point in the Pool. This came to me in time, and of course financially. Here I was able to choose a fixed Station that I was used with a half-time position, and the other 25 percent point, I was scheduled in the Pool. This time was for me very instructive and I’m glad I did it. In preparation for my teaching career, I have worked but only on the Basis of marginal part-time employment in Pool. Finally had to and I wanted to invest more time in my new Job. But it was good, of course, that too was possible. Therefore, I have received the same from 2016 until now, for the benefits for my current teaching activities have been confirmed again and again: I’ve noticed from my own perspective, what is going on in the care. I learn about new developments in self-and you could transfer in the school System. My students felt significantly better understood, and have also realized that I although a teacher, but also a sort of colleague am – the power of authentic.

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What is your conclusion?

The concept of care of the pool was for me and my career a runaway success concept, which is why I finish even with a heavy heart activity. However, I decided initially to the University in the Teacher training course to incorporate a few tasks in addition to the Teacher work in the school. When I have finished this activity, however, I return again. Because working as a nurse is very fulfilling for me, and as a teacher I get this way a particular, and from my point of view good rapport with my students.

Michaela, thank you for your story. I wish you all the best and I think I speak for the Asklepios clinic Altona, when I say: you are always welcome!

Photo: Asklepios Klinik Altona