Nice man, urinate sitting down !

Gentlemen, be in solidarity with the fairer sex and pee sitting down !

In sweden, the deputy Viggo Hansen is defending a proposed law that would force men to urinate sitting. For him, this has several meanings, first of all it will reinforce the equality of man and woman and to improve the hygiene conditions (especially avoided to spunk all over the toilet… This is not a legend that the men do not know how to aim !). There is no doubt that feminists will also appreciate the attention to equality… come on, let’s be frank, it is your wife who will be happy at home if the law had been passed. After all, it is a solution to avoid the crisis in your marriage ! At the same time, they will be how to swing their husbands to the authorities if they surprise them to urinate standing up…

I urinated sitting down !

In the meantime, some of you will say to me with full of stars in the eyes in men, pee sitting down would reduce the prostate cancer. (…) Talk in your doctor and come back and see me.

In the meantime, I have a burning desire to go to the bathroom from the blow but I promise, I viserai the centre.

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