Net-Step – Internet therapy for depression

Depression have developed in the last years in Germany to take serious disease, from which more and more patients are affected. Depression Express themselves to be different from person to person; in the case of many patients, there are, for example, to a lack of drive. In the morning, these patients are difficult to get out of bed, and things that used to be a pleasure, are now a burden. Concentration difficulties and memory lapses can also be symptoms of Depression, such as sleep disorders. Furthermore, the interest in sexuality can nachnehmen significantly, and also in appetite Depression can have an impact. Affected patients cry often and have a little more joy in life. This can go so far that even the desire, to end his life. This can be for a short period of time also just a personal Deep Of a Depression, the doctors speak only then, if the symptoms persist for more than two weeks.

If you suspect to suffer from Depression, you should consult as soon as possible, the physician makes the diagnosis of Depression (maybe it’s a different disease). Depending on the consultation, the doctor will refer the patient probably to a psychologist or psychiatrist – this finally decides on the appropriate Form of treatment. It is severe depression, they are usually treated with a combination of pills and psychotherapy. To this end, an in-patient admission is usually necessary. In milder cases, but can also be an outpatient treatment possible.

Net-Step – therapy via the Internet

Net-Step – Internettherapie gegen DepressionenA new offer by the St. Joseph’s hospital in Neuss, net step, the so-called Internet therapy. But how does it look like and where their advantages lie? The basic advantage is of course that it is a therapy that is time and location independent and thus also of working well. Is only at the beginning and at the end of the therapy, a personal interview in Neuss take place.

Only requirement is a PC with Internet access. Whether this therapy is Right, you can find out, by the way, on the basis of the self-test online. The Internet therapy usually lasts about 15 weeks, where each participant can self about the exact length decide. A further advantage is that this treatment for the patients is associated with no further cost.