natural ways to put an end to the odors of feet

A lot of people are affected by the bad smell of feet (bromhidrose).

This can come from excessive sweating of the feet, the presence of fungi, a situation that is very stressful or disorders related to hormones or even the use of sports shoes or professional shoes.

These odors, however, can be treated through various treatments. It should be noted that not all of them are necessarily natural. Discover natural remedies to and to combat these odors.

4 herbal remedies to end foot odour

The clay mask for feet

The clay is very well known for these famous masks for the face, but he must know that it is beneficial also for the feet. Here are the steps to make a clay mask for the feet.

  • just take it from the red clay or green and mix it with water, preferably lukewarm.
  • the pulp that emerges from it must cover the feet and pose for 20 minutes.
  • once the time has elapsed, it is necessary to rinse the feet always warm water.

The operation is renewed 1 to 2 times per week. The fact that the clay can slightly dry out the skin, it is advisable to moisturize after each treatment.

The essential oils

The essential oils are known and recognised for all the benefits that they provide.

A mixture of oil of olive, almond or sunflower oils are essential, and the turn is played. You can mix the essential oils with a moisturizer to avoid drying out the skin

The oil the more effective is the tea tree that helps eliminate fungi and other bacteria present in the case of excessive sweating of the feet. Lavender is also good because it has cleansing properties and soothing.

The foot bath

The foot bath is used since the dawn of time. Not only is it effective against bad smells but in addition to this, it helps to eliminate toxins and deflate the feet.

There is nothing more simple to make a foot bath.

Of hot water and two spoons of either baking soda or coarse salt and plunge the feet in the bath for 30 minutes. The ideal is to do it every day and preferably before going to bed.

Of the powder in the shoes

To prevent unpleasant odors, there is another possibility. The sulphur or boric acid are two powders that aim to avoid the excessive sweating, but also the birth of mushrooms. It is sufficient simply to drop a little in the shoes.