My #live it to the full Tweets in 2010

Yesterday I had a nice action, who may have followed my yesterday’s Tweets, too, was know what I mean. For those who don’t have it knew, or missed, here is a short explanation: The Team of (with the kind support of Deutsche Telekom) has to write the target of some Twitter to encourage users to messages with approx.140 set of characters to sustainability.

Here are my Tweets for a character to sustainability:

  1. Good Morning! Today also You can place a #character: #live it to the full!
  2. Alternative use! You drive short distances with the bike in place with the #car. Saving #money + is good for the #environment! #Live it to the full
  3. Actually, you should not feel sorry for a people, and it is better to help him. #Live it to the full, do something good for your fellow man!
  4. Only #actions count and bring forward to us. Sit down for a social and fair #Germany: #live it to the full
  5. A #Federal cross of merit for caregivers: by @simple #care #poverty #tribute #live it to the full
  6. There are people who give their best every day to make others well: #live it to the full #ff
  7. Donation #Blood – Save #Life! #live it to the full
  8. Donation #Bone Marrow – Save A #Life! #live it to the full
  9. #Sport is good, alone but not #fun. With @myFitbook this is different! Move together and do good! #live it to the full
  10. I hope that we were able to put a #live it to the full #string. You all a nice and relaxing #Wochehende. I have the WE #service ?Late

According to yesterday’s action was quite Successful, we were even lt at # 1 on the Deutsche Twitter charts. I would also like to thank all the participants, it was a nice action! If there is a next Time, I will, of course, again!

In addition, I would like to point out my yesterday’s blog post: The child need a name!