My journey in the care of: A leg to stand on for an actor

The nursing profession was not the first choice for me. After I passed in the year 2007, my graduation and to the civil service had to compete, I started at the end of the same year, with my acting training in Hamburg Altona. It was always my dream to be my goal and in a way, my vocation, actor. Something else was out of the question for me.

How to get from the spectacle in the care of a creative in a social profession?

What decisions go hand in hand? The questions are the one or the other turns as well. I’m trying to sketch my way in the Asklepios clinic St. Georg.

Conventional degree programs, law, business, or medicine, for example, are in my eyes something for the people who feel the compulsion, in the society of “Status”. My parents and siblings are doctors. No, thank you, for me, this is nothing, I thought. For me, free Thinking is one and Act, the man and his Psyche to understand.

After I gained the end of 2010, my Stage, I was only three years older and more Mature, but also a solid world – view and a creative and free spirit. But it was also clear to me that in a society that has abandoned the solidarity as well as and as a main objective the maximization of profit seeking, a free spirit would be poorly paid. A second leg to stand on. On its own two feet, a steady income, possibly a family, the everything must be paid for. The meager income and, above all, jobs in the creative Professions make the difficult.

Studies in Munich

I moved to Munich and started my 24 years of studying anthropology and theatre studies at the LMU (Ludwig-Maximilians-University). But that was never my full Conviction. And today, I believe that you should be convinced of a thing – or is it better to. To me the study was too theoretical, to me, the relation to reality was missing, the people. In short, I was not ready to open myself up to the study.

So I spent a year in Munich. Also in this time I learned a lot – but mainly that I needed a second leg to stand on. One that allows me to help people with my Art.

The decision for the care of

I think I needed two weeks to decide me for the training to be a nurse. Somehow I immediately thought of a social profession. As already mentioned, I had my family an insight into the medical professions. A nurse came to my mind first. Then everything went quite quickly: A little scoured the Internet and addresses that application written, passport pictures, updated resume and the Post went. A week later, I received a response from the Asklepios clinics, and an invitation to the interview in the BZG (education center for health professions) . A further week later, I got the commitment. So it was a set thing.

And now?

I must confess that I am very glad that I was able to begin my training in the Asklepios clinic St. Georg. The house is located directly on Alster lake, which is just in the summer, a pretty nice side effect. The old building facade is always worth a look. I have collected many positive experiences that overshadow the negative in my eyes.

Now that I have my second leg to stand on. I can help patients not only by my technical knowledge, but also through my art. by the Way, I can meet at the clinic a lot of different people. Of course, look back game is currently a little bit in the Background. Because theatre is very time-consuming and, therefore, only possible on holiday. But I’m gonna give it up never.

The decision to begin training until the age of 25, I have regretted, also never. It is even a more important factor to start with life experience in the profession, in particular with regard to the processing of difficult situations. I see this often as an advantage. Because, as I wrote in my last article, it needs experience, to work over a long period of time with people, especially in the nursing professions, and without too much from the Job.

Photo: Fotolia / sudok1