My favorite game on the phone

So yes, I have a game that I love to do on the phone when I answered in the service.

Because who we (and here I speak to you gentlemen) has already answered the phone and had not heard this beautiful sentence : “I could talk to the nurse “. It is also true that this also happens when one has visitors, or others who come into the service, but on the phone I find this more funny… At first, I was consistently on the phone to my colleagues by shouting loudly: “we ask a nurse on the phone !” and it answers me : “but you’re a nurse !” and me : “yes, but we ask A nurse “. Now I do this instead :

Hello, here the nurse on the phone

Me : Service ” beep “, hello !

Them : Hello sir, could I talk to a nurse

Me : Ah I’m going to see if this is possible, do not quit.

(two minutes after)

Me : no, I have not found any nurse, this is why ?

Them : (Several possible reasons)

Me : Ah if you want I can take the message and I see

Them : Uh, yes, but you are who ?

Me : Just the nurses.

Them : Silence, general…

Or sometimes, I’ll be short :

Me : Service ” beep “, hello !

Them : Hello sir, could I talk to a nurse

Me : I am a simple nurse if you want… (with a tone of well boring :p)

Anyway, I know that the generality that one expects to have a nurse on the phone, but still, if you have a doubt when you fall on a man, made like 3% of the cases that say : “Could I speak to a infimi√®re or a nurse “. This goes a little better…

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