Mumps. And why is it called goat’s Peter?

A new question arrived, I will be gladly answer these and explain at the same time, what is “the Mumps”:

Mumps is a contagious viral infection in which the salivary glands and other organs affects. In addition to children, pregnant women can be infected. Usually it is after a single contamination / infection immune. Therefore, this disease is also one of the classic childhood diseases. Among the most common complications of the brain skin inflammation (Meningitis), and orchitis (in the case of boys), which can lead to infertility. In rare cases, it can also lead to inflammation of the pancreas.

The disease / infection can be vorgebeut with high probability by a vaccination.

Smyptome of Mumps: one of the most common symptoms of Mumps include headache, and neck pain, fatigue, fever, and painful swelling of the parotid glands (hamster cheeks). A single-minded treatment. It focuses, rather, to weaken the pain and symptoms.

Why titled it the Mumps as the “goat Peter”?

In addition to goat-Peter, the childhood disease Mumps is also called “boobies” and for the reason of the simple-minded appearance of the sick. Mump comes from the English and means as much as “” be angry (if the goat a do not obey, or you did something wrong). ?