MRSA from the farm

On almost every farm multi are resistant bacteria in the livestock facilities. If animal and human strains merge, it could be extremely bitter. The result: dangerous pathogens. Researchers warn of resistant bacteria in meat.

First it was BSE, then foot – and-mouth disease, bird flu and now MRSA in meat. Even if it may sound ridiculous, know some of the regular readers of the nursing bloggers that MRSA is not joking. More and more often to be noticed that antibiotics stables – resistant bacteria in cow and pig and poultry farms are to be encountered. In the flesh infestation of slaughtered animals could be demonstrated. According to the authorities, however, there is still no immediate danger, they fear, however, that could resist mixing duck germs in hospitals, and co. with those of animals. Through the hospital visits of farmers, Butchers and veterinarians, this should be easily possible.

Since 2007, the animal MRSA cases are known and have been studied. Often these have been found in horses, pigs, veal calves and dairy cows. The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) is currently considering how strong (raw) meat and dairy products are contaminated with the resistant germs. Currently it is assumed (yet), as already written above, no acute danger for people.

Here you can find some information on what MRSA is: MRSA – multi-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus