Modern Tunics

The tunic is not only in the medical field is very popular.

Also in the professional fashion a large and hardly manageable variety of products can be found in the meantime. This applies of course also for the practice mode, which is worn not only in doctor’s offices, hospitals or in the surgical area, but also in many cosmetics Studio, foot care or a hair salon or nail Studio of the tunic is worn.

The tunic like no other piece of clothing in the professional fashion great popularity for several different reasons pleased. The manufacturer remained, not a few selected models, but they have developed this practical piece of clothing. It is also fashionable, more developed, you can purchase a wide range of Tunics. Although the predominant basic color is still White, but it is a lot of color to be found accents. For example, to the pockets, the collar, or a wide variety of moldings. Tunics are offered in both slip-form, but also to the buttons or zipper. They can be worn by men and women alike. In addition, models with or without Arm are commercially available, therefore, Tunics adapt to the prevailing weather conditions, and are always comfortable to wear. This pleasant feeling is certainly also a reason why this garment is so popular and always new carrier or carrier.

To the great popularity of the ability helps, of course, in addition to this, you can clean the jacket at high temperatures and washing. In particular, from the hygienic point of view, this is particularly advantageous. In all likelihood, this is also a reason why Tunics are so popular. Just because the occupational clothing, it is not uncommon to considerable contamination, not rarely, only at high wash temperatures to completely remove. Depending on your needs, you can purchase Tunics, which can be up to 90 degrees are washable, usually, the washing temperature is 60 degrees. Usually cotton or a cotton, it is mixed fabric which ensures the comfort of the mainly used for medical purposes, garment. More and more frequently one finds in the trade models that have a certain percentage of stretch, which increases the comfort when Wearing, especially in the often physically strenuous activity in the hospital, again. Popular with men and women alike, especially the slip tunic, as in this model, during the work, nothing is slipping, and you can also remain a little bit of an edge or the Like to hang.